My Favorite Quotes
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 Kelly Courville - “We had two goals in mind for this tournament. We wanted to promote women's golf, and we wanted to raise money for the charities.”
 Kelly Courville - “The players that worked the clinic all stood up and told the kids how they got started in golf. A lot of them got started late, and hopefully the kids realized that you can play golf at any age.”
 Kelly Courville - “There are a lot of wonderful young women out here. They're very approachable, and they love it when the younger kids watch them.”
 Kelly Courville - “All you have to do is look around the field here, and you can see that women's golf is growing world-wide. We need to make sure that we're a part of that, and having this tournament here helps.”
 Ward Courville - “Every time we got something going, we would make a youthful mistake. We were two inches close from making a big play. We are going to go back, correct everything and get ready for Sacred Heart.”
 Ward Courville - “We need to be more disciplined on defense. We can't get out there and freelance.”
 Ward Courville - “It's just a great rivalry. Two Catholic schools playing as hard as they can for 48 minutes and after it's over they shake hands and pray together.”