My Favorite Quotes
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 Duncan Coutts - “We're just now getting it. Maybe we're late bloomers or something.”
 Russell Coutts - “This fleet is really tough and this is our first time sailing together. We'll try our best and see what happens.”
 Duncan Coutts - “They could have done better. There's so much good music.”
 Russell Coutts - “We've been getting better as we go along. We might be winning if we'd been able to get better starts. We've spent the week battling through the fleet. We've had very good downwind speed, which has enabled us to make up ground.”
 Russell Coutts - “We were sailing the boat faster and faster as the week went along. Boat speed is always the key and we were able to come back in a bunch of races. We were real deep today and worked our way through the fleet.”
 Duncan Coutts - “It was definitely touch-and-go for a little while. There were a number of band summit meetings trying to save the record. The creative process this time, not to sound cliched, went through peaks and valleys. And without the valleys, you can't appreciate the peaks.”
 Russell Coutts - “I don't care about records, I'm proud of what the team has achieved.”
 Russell Coutts - “It was symbolic of the prevailing attitude at the time that locks to the base were changed abruptly so that sailors, who had been with Team New Zealand for more than a decade, including Brad, found themselves humiliatingly locked out.”
 Russell Coutts - “By clearing the air we hope we can now return to a focus on the sport and to the action on the water.”