My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Covington - “It's a boon for income, but it's gotten so high so fast, we're waiting for the other shoe to drop.”
 Jazz Covington - “We learned that you can't come out half-stepping. You have to step up as soon as the ball goes up in the air until the last buzzer goes off.”
 Jazz Covington - “She's great she's like the post player we've been missing all along. She's got size, good hands, good foot work, nice touch.”
 Jazz Covington - “She was still joking. I knew it was serious then, but she was still laughing and making light of things.”
 Jazz Covington - “All I know is, the next game we play, we've got to bring it. Regardless of whether that's in the NCAA or the NIT, we just need to start bringing it from now on.”
 Michael Covington - “Even with these high prices now, we could probably be doing three times the work, if we had the equipment and personnel,”
 Jazz Covington - “She's one strong woman. If it were me, I'd be mad at the world. I don't know how she can go through what she's been through and still have a smile on her face.”
 Bucky Covington - “Bo opened up a lot of doors for a lot of people. I think he did the show a lot of good by coming on. He did a heck of a job, and so far with his career he's doing a fine job ... and I thank him very much for it.”
 Bucky Covington - “Simon, a lot of times he signs boy bands and stuff like that. So for him to like someone like me or Taylor Hicks it's out of the question. No matter what we do, he's not going to like us. We're just not his thing.”
 Jazz Covington - “This is when we can really make a statement.”
 Jazz Covington - “I love it. You can look right at the other team it gives you that competitiveness. I love the way it's set up.”
 Jazz Covington - “She's still part of this team and always will be. We listen to her. When she cusses us out, we get the message. When a coach yells at you, you never know maybe he's thinking about his paycheck or his job. But she's one of us.”
 Michael Covington - “They're starting to use more oil every year, and it's putting strains on the supply picture, ... If they keep growing the way they are now, the demand will keep up.”
 Bucky Covington - “A great bunch of guys. If I was back in Rockingham, I could picture them coming into a bar and we'd have a good time.”
 Jazz Covington - “Everybody came to play. It was a total team effort, and everybody stepped up. It was just that home-court advantage. You don't want anybody to come on your turf and beat you.”
 Jazz Covington - “The same thing happened last year, and she had to pick up where Missy left off. I think she did a great job. She really doesn't think about pressure. When she steps on the court, she's a go-getter. All the other stuff is behind her, and it's all about basketball.”
 Bucky Covington - “When he gives me advice -- well it seems like he used to give advice, but now he doesn't so much give advice as just try to put you down. He tries to make memorable 'I can't believe he said that' type comments, which make people talk the next day.”
 Bucky Covington - “It seems like he used to give advice, but now he doesn't give advice as he does try to put you down.”