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 Larry Cowan - “They were tight games and this series is a long way from being over.”
 Mike Cowan - “They had (Jody Holland) who scored four goals. The key was that we got ourselves in a hole. They scored the first three goals. We played good hockey, but we weren't able to find that equalizer. We had our chances. Our girls worked hard, but we couldn't overcome that big deficit.”
 Mike Cowan - “We got some good goaltending, including the breakaway. Katie got out of her slump.”
 Mike Cowan - “(Our seniors) played as good a game as we played in quite a while. Onalaska is a solid team. They could have been up in the first period as much as we were. They battled in our end and they just confounded us with their floor check. They've done it all year. Luckily, our goaltender came up big.”
 Mike Cowan - “The first period, we were not very good. It was our worst period of hockey in a while. The second period we turned it around and the goal we did get was a short-handed goal.”
 Wes Cowan - “There's no personal history that's attached to any of this. Whatever personal history was attached to it, went when Marge died.”
 Mark Cowan - “He's done everything right, so we're happy with that. He's put the injury behind him, he's married and ready for a fresh start.”
 Noah Cowan - “The international star power that descended upon Toronto in the past days was unprecedented.”
 Heath Cowan - “I think the legs are a lot fresher compared to this time last year.”
 David Cowan - “The motto of the bubble was get big fast. The rule today is get big cheap. What tickles my checkbook is the success of capital-efficient startups where the users themselves often contribute the feature road map, software and marketing.”
 Noah Cowan - “They are recruiting tools. We use them to attract, siren-like, the people of Toronto to experience the film festival, to experience what we perceive as satisfying work and hopefully then to experiment with more challenging films.”
 Heath Cowan - “The kids did a great job. We were in foul trouble the whole game. We had other kids stepping up and playing different roles. So I'm very pleased with our effort.”
 Mike Cowan - “This is a huge win for the Wildcats. These girls are a very competitive group of young athletes who have tasted victory and hate to lose.”
 Noah Cowan - “We were thrilled to host so many wonderful films from around the world,”
 Heath Cowan - “Scoring-wise that's a little high for Paradis, but the shots were there and she was making them. That's wonderful. Her assist numbers have come up a lot in the second half of the season just because kids are understanding their roles more and are stepping in and getting ready to shoot.”
 Noah Cowan - “It takes artists awhile both to digest current events and get films made. This lag of four years makes sense, if one was going to predict accurately when we would start seeing these kinds of films.”
 Noah Cowan - “The primary reason why producers and directors and filmmakers love Toronto is the audiences here, ... They've been incredibly supportive over the years of emerging filmmakers and it's amazing how directors remember.”
 Noah Cowan - “U.S. cinema has a long way to go. Hollywood is not the most welcoming place for female directors. Women have made leaps and bounds over the last 10 years in filling studio executive jobs, but still, behind the camera, it's very driven by guilds that aren't as welcoming to women as they might be.”
 Warren Cowan - “I spoke with him yesterday and he's doing great. He should be out in a day or two.”
 Mark Cowan - “It's nice to deliver. A lot of people think it was all just hype by us, but we've been able to land a pretty big fish.”
 Mark Cowan - “In any offence, you've got to have options and we've certainly identified some other people who'd be excellent as well.”
 Wes Cowan - “There's no way to say what this stuff is going to bring. All it takes is two people to want something.”
 Wes Cowan - “The collection probably has a lot of sentimental value to people. The people from Cincinnati and the region, I expect them to be all over this stuff because it was Marge's stuff.”
 Larry Cowan - “We're running out of inventory. Most the people are looking for a building that will produce income. So if your going to buy an empty building, you have to be aggressive when filling it up.”
 Wes Cowan - “I don't want to diminish the collection at all, because there are some good things here. But I think that people who are going to be interested in this collection are the people who remember Marge Schott. It's more of a reflection of the kind of person she was.”

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