My Favorite Quotes
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 Kerry Cowart - “If something is found that needs to be fixed in the building, it will push our date back. However, we will do whatever it takes to fix those items and be in compliance with the city. I hope to have everything completed and gain possession over the building at least by Feb. 1.”
 Sam Cowart - “Not yet. I think I definitely will, once I walk into the stadium.”
 Harold Cowart - “When I was around them, they'd ask if we had any of that Louisiana music. You've got the some of the best music in the world right here in Louisiana.”
 Harold Cowart - “I didn't really like rock-'n'-roll that much -- I was more into the funky music. But then I love all good music. I even enjoy Beethoven.”
 Sam Cowart - “What I learned from Ted in my early years, I'm trying to teach the young guys here. Quicker recognition in this game can make all the difference in an interception, a tackle to stop a first down, a forced fumble or a batted down ball.”
 Kerry Cowart - “We are in the final stage of this project and we are now waiting on the city and fire marshal to go over the building to make sure we are in compliance with all of the codes. We are also attending to punch list items such as checking all of the equipment in the building to make sure they are working properly.”
 Sam Cowart - “I picture my sister everywhere I go, ... We visit her grave site all the time. That's someone I'll have with me long after football and I'll pass on her memory to my son.”
 Sam Cowart - “When you take thorough beatings on the road twice, that's a concern.”
 Sam Cowart - “There are a lot of ways you can go. But at this point in the year, we have to find what the best one or two things we can do and just do that to the best of our capabilities. We've lost two road games by a combined score of 67-18. When you take a thorough beating on the road twice like that, it draws concern.”
 Kerry Cowart - “We are very excited to have the certificate of occupancy. The community has waited a long time for this, and we are thrilled to be paying the utilities for the new building.”
 Kerry Cowart - “We obviously don't want our students to fail so we have taken measures such as tutorial classes in the concerned areas of math and science, and we will properly adjust our curriculum to be more successful.”
 Harold Cowart - “Barry's wife, Linda, had the table set with china, crystal and elegant silverware, but I saw it and told her that just wouldn't work. So I asked if they had any newspaper, and she just poured the crawfish all over that elegant table.”
 Sam Cowart - “It's hard to predict how a team is going to react to what we're doing. But that's definitely what we want to do. We want to make them react to us. We don't want to sit back and just react to what they're doing. We want to be on the attack.”