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 Bill Cowher - “Next year is the only future I've looked at. It's going to be starting over and trying to re-establish a group of guys that is going to be different than it was this year. But I can tell you that next week I'm going to be doing a lot of reflecting, and enjoying every moment of it.”
 Bill Cowher - “It's required a greater focus. We're studying them and trying to find any little idiosyncrasies to give us an edge.”
 Bill Cowher - “You give the ball to Jerome Bettis, and a fumble is the last thing you're thinking about.”
 Bill Cowher - “It's surreal right now. It's a rewarding feeling to give that trophy to Mr. Rooney. That's what he brought me here to do. It really does complete a void that's been there.”
 Bill Cowher - “Defensively we played a pretty good game. We gave up only three points. We didn't give up a touchdown. But we've got to play better than we did.”
 Bill Cowher - “We didn't give him any carries. I was going to try to get him in there, but the situation never (evolved).”
 Bill Cowher - “But our players know. This is still Baltimore. They still have some good players, and their coach challenged them and they responded.”
 Bill Cowher - “We mixed it up, you have to. We did a good job, dropping eight or mixing pressure to try to disrupt him, get him out of his rhythm.”
 Bill Cowher - “We'll continue to keep our options open. But I feel good about the players we have.”
 Bill Cowher - “For a first year starter, Max has really had a tremendous year. The guy has never really missed a beat. He's gotten a little bit better each week. He's been there every Sunday for us. What Max has done speaks volumes. Max is a bright guy and he's a big man. And he has good feet for a big man. He's had a very solid year.”
 Bill Cowher - “He didn't hear it pop, so that's a good thing.”
 Bill Cowher - “He can jump-cut as good as anyone I've ever been around or seen.”
 Bill Cowher - “Nothing drives me more than to, hopefully, be able to hand (Steelers chairman Dan Rooney) that fifth (Vince Lombardi) trophy. If I can do that, then I would think, that when he brought me here, I finally accomplished what he wanted me to do.”
 Bill Cowher - “Nothing drives me more than hopefully being able to hand him that fifth Super Bowl trophy.”
 Bill Cowher - “I'd like nothing greater than to be able to hand owner Mr. Dan Rooney the trophy.”
 Bill Cowher - “Nothing drives me more than to hopefully be able to hand him the fifth trophy.”
 Bill Cowher - “He's going to go through a lot of theatrics. But you don't want to tip your hand too soon. We'll all be looking at the play clock. ... So when he starts doing all of that stuff with 19 or 20 seconds to go, you've just got to be patient.”
 Bill Cowher - “I feel very bad for Carson Palmer. It was an unfortunate accident. You hate to see anyone have his season end like that.”
 Bill Cowher - “Being behind Jerome, he's learned how to run inside. He's able to see holes, he's a patient runner, and he puts his head down and falls forward to get extra yards and move the pile.”
 Bill Cowher - “A lot of people tell you that you can't do something. Well you can't if you quit. We made history and that's what's special to me.”
 Bill Cowher - “With the bye week, we probably lost a little bit of that momentum. We were in one of those zones -- 'Just tell us where we're going next. Just send us off to another team.' I think these guys thrive on this. With all due respect to Heinz Field, we just kept going off. They said, 'You're the home team for the Super Bowl.' No, we're not.”
 Bill Cowher - “I think we were just fortunate to have the ball last, to be honest with you.”
 Bill Cowher - “Max played some last year. I am not too concerned about Max at all, to be honest with you.”
 Bill Cowher - “I saw the play and would not condone it. Is it illegal. No It is necessary I don't think so. ... Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.”
 Bill Cowher - “It's still Week 3, ... Certainly there's a degree of importance for both teams, certainly from New England's standpoint.”

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