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 Bill Cowher - “Our officials are doing the very best that they can do. Obviously, at times, there's going to be mistakes made. To me, those guys are human like the rest of us, and we're moving on.”
 Bill Cowher - “We don't have the kind of offense where you'll see a quarterback putting up league-leading numbers. If Ben throws 20 times, at least 10 of those are third downs. You can't look at his numbers without taking that into account.”
 Bill Cowher - “I know a couple of times our players were ready to celebrate prematurely.”
 Bill Cowher - “Brady has been there before. Unfortunately, he did what he's done many times before.”
 Bill Cowher - “I think their defensive line played a lot harder than our offensive line did. I don't think (Ben) had a whole lot of time in that game, and at times when he did, he wasn't able to connect.”
 Bill Cowher - “It's not like there haven't been times when we have brought in other long-snappers. The guy we brought in is good. He's the best guy we've brought in to challenge Mike.”
 Bill Cowher - “Their quarterback, Brady, has been there before. Unfortunately, he did what he's done many times before.”
 Bill Cowher - “John Elway , when I was an assistant, sent me to the Pro Bowl a couple of times.”
 Bill Cowher - “The burdens of the losses (in previous AFC title games and Super Bowl XXX), I don't mind the label. All the teams we've lost to, they went on to win championships. Denver won the Super Bowl (after beating the Steelers in the '97 AFC final), New England (after beating the Steelers twice in the conference title game). ... We did it in 2005. We kind of did our thing, our way.”
 Bill Cowher - “This team understands it's a journey. This is the first step. It was almost a battle of wills out there today, like who was going to flinch first. We just came up with a couple more big plays than they did, and that was the difference in the game.”
 Bill Cowher - “He worked a little bit today, not as much as I'd hoped he would. It was not really any kind of setback. He does have a bone bruise and it just has not responded as quickly as I'd hoped and his status is day to day.”
 Bill Cowher - “Our effort today made history. That's what made it special to me This team has been real resilient all year. It was one guy after another. It's a tremendous group of guys.”
 Bill Cowher - “Our effort today made history. And that's the thing that's special.”
 Bill Cowher - “Everything came back negative -- or positive from our standpoint. There's nothing really there. He'll feel better. We'll see how he feels today and monitor how much he does. He'll be fine by Sunday.”
 Bill Cowher - “We have a young quarterback who didn't play young today. ... He's much more mature than his age would indicate.”
 Bill Cowher - “I can't say enough about our special teams. To me, that was the only thing that was on today. We didn't play well enough offensively or defensively.”
 Bill Cowher - “They're playing at a high level. They're explosive. ... We certainly have to play better than the last time we played them, and better defensively than how we played today.”
 Bill Cowher - “This will be our third time playing them. They're explosive. They played well defensively down the stretch. There will be a lot of excitement in that stadium. It's a big challenge for us. We certainly have to play better than the last time we played them and better defensively than how we played today.”
 Bill Cowher - “I don't know when it's going to hit me, but a lot of hard work went into it by these coaches and these players. Eight weeks ago, I don't think anybody would have thought we'd be here today.”
 Bill Cowher - “We did a good job today of having our offense break the huddle quickly. And we've had a lot of work against the no-huddle offense. We have hand signals for the defense on the sideline. So those are things that shouldn't come as any surprise to us.”
 Bill Cowher - “Our best defense today was our offense. That's a good football team Philadelphia, and we're not that much better than them. But we got some momentum today and we rode it.”
 Bill Cowher - “For us to come in and do what we did today, it took a supreme effort in all three phases, and had nothing short of that today.”
 Bill Cowher - “I don't know, that's a good question. I hopefully don't add to that list. Champ Bailey is one of, if not the top corner in the game today. I know I felt that way. We're going to be aware of him, I can tell you that.”
 Bill Cowher - “Yeah, we went into the gym to save their legs, and James hurt his knee, ... But I think he'll be back out here tomorrow.”
 Bill Cowher - “If we were opening up (the regular season) tomorrow, I think that's the way I'd go,”

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