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 Bill Cowher - “I've talked to Russ and Ken and, like I said, it will be later in the week because we're in the process of game-planning for this game. We will provide that opportunity for them but there will be no more discussions about that from here on out.”
 Bill Cowher - “Willie's done a good job. Willie's earned an opportunity he's been given, and I don't anticipate changing Willie. But certainly we'll have to sit down and see how the rest of the mix plays out.”
 Bill Cowher - “It is an opportunity to utilize this as a home playoff game. There will be no talk whatsoever about any other scenario.”
 Bill Cowher - “We had an opportunity to coach him in the Pro Bowl and that's a special player. Andre Johnson has turned into one of the better receivers in the National Football League.”
 Bill Cowher - “We've been close many times, have lost four AFC Championship Games, so you certainly cherish the opportunity.”
 Bill Cowher - “You work hard to travel this path, but if you're not able to finish the deal you'll be forgotten. You have a chance to put your name up there with some of the great teams. That's the opportunity that you're selling to your players.”
 Bill Cowher - “It's an opportunity that you want to share with a lot of people and the logistics of doing that can be overwhelming at times with all of the requests. At the same time, you can't overlook what we're going there to do. Obviously, it can be very overwhelming to do in just one week's time. People have done it, I don't envy that.”
 Bill Cowher - “We've been close many times. So certainly I think you cherish the opportunity that you have coming here, and you try to relay that to the players.”
 Bill Cowher - “I think pressure is everything. When people get in the playoffs, there's pressure to win. It's win or go home. I don't feel any more this week than I did last week or the week before. It's one and done if you don't play well. We're looking at this week no different than last week. We're just trying to win a football game. If we do, we have an opportunity to go on, and if not, our season is done. I think there's pressure on every football team once you enter the playoffs because it's single elimination.”
 Bill Cowher - “They're just as hungry as we are. It's a golden opportunity for us, but don't underestimate the challenge that's in front of us. ... You realize how hard it is to get there, but don't lose sight that the goal is to win a championship. Nobody remembers that you lost a Super Bowl. They remember who won a Super Bowl.”
 Bill Cowher - “We have a lot of players back we lost a couple of key players and we'll have to fill those voids. But when you realize what you accomplished and you're part of history and you have an opportunity to do it back to back, it would be an unbelievable feat.”
 Bill Cowher - “There's a lot of unknowns going in, but I think every player, until he plays, has a degree of unknown about him. I think he's earned this opportunity. If indeed Jerome can't go, I'm not concerned. I'm rather excited.”
 Bill Cowher - “They were right. If the guy signals for a fair catch you have to allow him the opportunity to catch the ball even if it bounces off (him).”
 Bill Cowher - “Staley refused to discuss his trip to South Carolina for a second medical opinion on his injured hamstring. But he did say, I'm feeling better. ... He's going to be week to week. We are hopeful to have him next week.”
 Bill Cowher - “He's returning the ball better now in my opinion than he was at the beginning of the season. He's starting to hit some things north and south. And as a receiver, he's very solid.”
 Bill Cowher - “I think that's an obvious statement.”
 Bill Cowher - “I think, again, he's ready to go and certainly get a chance to get out there and get some work for the first time in a number of weeks. It's encouraging with that. Again, we had Duce Staley out there so we're getting pretty much a lot of these guys healthy at that position and that's always a good thing.”
 Bill Cowher - “You don't notice him much if you don't watch a lot of film. But the coaches see it all the time. He's really smart, he's really sound and, at any time, he's going to come up with a play to beat you.”
 Bill Cowher - “It was the same as a normal week. It was a good practice. We just tried to cover all the bases. I think we looked good.”
 Bill Cowher - “We'll stick to our normal schedule, a lot like (the) New England (Patriots) did last week. We'll get out there late Saturday, and we'll play Sunday. I don't think it will have much of an effect.”
 Bill Cowher - “It'll be a normal Wednesday practice, fast tempo and just a normal practice.”
 Bill Cowher - “That last win at Indy probably helped us more than anything else because it allowed us to prepare for the noise we had to deal with on the road in the playoffs.”
 Bill Cowher - “We didn't do a very good job of handling the noise element the last time we went there. I would like to think that having been there once, you know what to expect. When we walked out of the RCA Dome, there was no question that it was louder than we anticipated going in. Now we understand what it is going to be like and we have to deal with it.”
 Bill Cowher - “The noise was not a factor.”
 Bill Cowher - “He wants to play through everything, ... But just sitting down Wednesday night and talking about what the options are, I think there is no question this was the right thing to do and do it now. He understands the situation and he's handled it very well.”

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