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 Bill Cowher - “He gutted it out (Monday) night. He was hurting. He came in and we looked at it at halftime and taped it up. He said before we went out there that I'm going to give it a shot, but if I feel like I am hurting this team I am going to take myself out and I want you to know that. I told him I expect you to do that. Only you know where you are at with it.”
 Bill Cowher - “We had an MRI (Thursday) night and everything came back negative. He'll be fine by Sunday. He was feeling pretty good.”
 Bill Cowher - “The difference between Ben last year and this year is night and day.”
 Bill Cowher - “It's going to be a tough week. But we've been in this situation before. The thing we understand is (Monday) night will go for naught if we don't follow it up with a stellar performance. If we don't, we will not compete with this team.”
 Bill Cowher - “The news on Ben is very good, but it's good that we have Tommy Maddox and Charlie Batch. As of now, Charlie is the starter by default.”
 Bill Cowher - “That's probably good news based on what we were concerned about the last couple of days.”
 Bill Cowher - “All the news we've gotten has been positive.”
 Bill Cowher - “The news on Ben is very good. We thought the injury could have been much worse when you look at the hit he took.”
 Bill Cowher - “He's a very smart guy. He understands the game, studies the game. He has a great feel for the game. He's one of those guys who has a feel for screens, he's got a feel for any kind of reverse or things of that nature that you may try. He's always had that. Some guys have it, some guys don't.”
 Bill Cowher - “Bizarre is a good word. I remember the game, and this morning I happened to look at the stats of the game. ... It was a really bizarre game. That was a weird year.”
 Bill Cowher - “I haven't seen him this morning. We'll have him out there today and see how he runs. He was feeling pretty good about it last night. I think he'll be fine by Sunday.”
 Bill Cowher - “He had an MRI and it showed nothing, so I think he'll be fine for Sunday. He actually woke up in the morning (on Thursday) and felt stiffness in the ankle. It might have had to do with practicing on a surface here he wasn't used to.”
 Bill Cowher - “He will miss approximately five weeks, four games. That is the early diagnosis. Certainly that can be give and take, a week here and there. Really, what we thought initially, that is probably good news based on what we were concerned about the last couple of days.”
 Bill Cowher - “It's not easy being in the middle, ... I understand both sides and am respectful of both sides. ... You just hope you can get both sides to be comfortable with their decisions.”
 Bill Cowher - “The meaning of it is Columbus got on that boat and a lot of people told him not to go out there because they said the world was flat. And he just kept going and he found the new world. ... There's a lot of people telling you can't do it, but you know what That doesn't mean you don't go and try.”
 Bill Cowher - “Willie Parker has nailed down the job as the Steelers' starting halfback, no matter how healthy Jerome Bettis andor Duce Staley get. Willie's starting again next week, ... He's our starter.”
 Bill Cowher - “It's way too early to make those kind of comparisons,”
 Bill Cowher - “It's prudent to let the running back carry the load. Make it as simple as possible, ... Ben was very good when he could just play and when he felt comfortable.”
 Bill Cowher - “He is very much wanted back here. So we will continue to talk to make sure that he is comfortable with what his role will be.”
 Bill Cowher - “Letting them take the opening drive right down against us wasn't very encouraging. We responded. We had some guys make plays ... (but) we just didn't play very well.”
 Bill Cowher - “There's a good chance. He ran very well. I see no reason to make a change at this point.”
 Bill Cowher - “Mike Logan is a football player. Mike might make a couple mistakes, but somewhere along the line you're going to feel his presence on the field. He has a way of making plays.”
 Bill Cowher - “We'll make sure we have someone available,”
 Bill Cowher - “The first two games have been a good start, but we have to prove we can do it consistently. Right now it's too early to make any judgments.”
 Bill Cowher - “I see no reason to make a change at this point.”

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