My Favorite Quotes
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 Louisa Willcox - “They need to greatly expand the recovery areas to assure that grizzlies have a sound future,”
 Louisa Willcox - “They need to greatly expand the recovery areas to assure that grizzlies have a sound future.”
 Bobby Cox - “He didn't lose his composure and then struck out a terrific hitter. He's got a future.”
 Sarah Cox - “Most organized sports-related injuries (about 62 percent) occur during practices rather than games.”
 Bobby Cox - “They scored five runs on two hits. We can't do that many more times. We hit guys, walked 'em we can't keep doing that late in games.”
 Kendyl Jacox - “Four games at home and 12 on the road That's what it is. I want to sleep in my bed, get to wake up and drive to the stadium.”
 Russ Wilcox - “We tried to settle down, but they just do it really well. They've done it for 24 games this season. There is a reason they are 23-1.”
 Paul Cox - “We are the only garden I know of that has such a diverse display as this. Other gardens have native areas, but they are largely variations on a theme.”
 Joe Wilcox - “It's not the optimal situation, to be launching the next-generation version of Windows right after the big holiday sales season.”
 Peggy Cox - “We are the third generation.”
 Duke Cox - “I'm always a little bit suspect when the industry says it's going to give us something.”
 Chris Simcox - “If they're going to give out maps, we're going to use those maps to report that activity to the proper authorities.”
 Mark Cox - “The reason why I coach is to try to give many kids the opportunities that I had.”
 Jackie Cox - “I never give up hope. All families need closure.”
 Joe Cox - “The problem is convincing students to give it a try. After that, the game, properly introduced, will sell itself.”
 Kevin Cox - “We'll take no once, twice, but we are not going to give up,”
 Bobby Cox - “John told me right from the get-go, 'Give me McCann,'”
 Bobby Cox - “We made a great comeback off Patterson, who was really on top of his game. It looked like he wasn't going to give up anything. Patterson was really dominant for seven innings.”
 Joe Wilcox - “According to Wilcox, everyone wins when industry is cooperating with law enforcement. This is a way for Microsoft to give back to its customers, ... After all, who knows Windows better than Microsoft”
 Chris Cox - “GRACE should give us almost revolutionary advancement,”
 Brandon Cox - “There's a big difference between nine wins and 10 wins. For us to be able to do that, it would help us in the rankings for next year and give us a lot of momentum.”
 Christopher Cox - “I think listing on American exchanges would be a good thing for Chinese companies because it represents the gold standard,”
 Dean Cox - “Matt had a good season. I don't want to compare him to Jason Townsend. Jason is the best wrestler we've ever had (at Rising Sun). Is Matt going to match that He has the potential to. You can't compare those things, but Matt's working toward that. Hopefully, he will continue and match (Jason's accomplishments).”
 Jeremy Cox - “We made a couple of 3-point shots that were key. We shot a little less than 40 percent from the 3-point line, and that's always good for us.”
 Bobby Cox - “It's good to see Joey do so well. That's the best I've ever seen his breaking ball break.”

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