My Favorite Quotes
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 Larry Coyer - “It came down to coordination. We knew they were going to throw one-step passes. . . . The deal was, we didn't want them to run the ball. And what they did was let 3-yard gains turn into 12-yard passes. We can't do that.”
 Larry Coyer - “All of this is a combination of having a good pass rush, having good coverage and playing together.”
 Larry Coyer - “They are skilled, skilled players at tight end. They can hurt you. They're strong, and they can get away from you once they get the ball.”
 Larry Coyer - “The speed . . . changes from practice to the game. It's a whole different deal. And you've got to learn it's a fast game out there, and I think that's good for us. There's a focus there.”
 Larry Coyer - “He's playing very intently and fiercely. That, to me, is the sign of a maturing guy. If you don't prepare, it shows in a game. To me, if you prepare, if you invest time, you get a pretty good feel for what you might get. And he's doing a great job pre-snap, he knows what could happen before it does.”
 Bernard Accoyer - “We'll be ready as of tomorrow to receive the unions ... There won't be any limits to the talks.”
 Larry Coyer - “You can trust him to do anything. And this isn't just an old guy that goes out there. He can play. He's physical. He's tough and he knows what we're doing. And the whole team respects him.”
 Larry Coyer - “The first game, he was just developing as a starting tight end and wasn't quite there yet. And between that time and the time we saw him the second time, I've never seen a guy blossom like that. He went to the No. 1 receiving tight end in football in the space of our first game and the second game. . . . He was incredible. We caught a day where the weather wasn't too good (in December), and that helped us. And we played hard against him. But he's very good. He's a major-league talent.”
 Larry Coyer - “There are preconceived notions and ideas. But they may change if a guy goes out there and plays. There's a ton of examples that have changed on game day. I'm sure the people who are with us making those decisions have pretty good thoughts, but I do think this is an important game. Who can play and who can't”
 Bernard Accoyer - “A page has been opened on the path to modernization.”
 Larry Coyer - “It's the opportunity of a lifetime, for all the young kids.”
 Larry Coyer - “My pitch wasn't too bad. He wanted to come to UCLA, but we made the mistake of taking another guy and he went to Washington and I think beat them three out of four.”
 Larry Coyer - “We thought we could get more pressure. Obviously, the rookie, but I don't think that was it. I think if we make the plays that were available to us, it's never a factor.”
 Larry Coyer - “We're going to make plays because we play hard. They just happen. If you fly around hard enough, they come your way.”
 Larry Coyer - “This guy's got bullet speed. So he can do things I can't coach. That no one can coach. He can do things that only guys with that kind of talent can. He'll cover 60 yards at times to make a play. He's intent. And that's what makes him tick. If he ever loses that, he'd be just another guy.”
 Larry Coyer - “We're certainly bigger, faster than we've been. Our guys are okay. They can play at a high level they just have to know that. We're not without talent, let's put it that way.”
 Larry Coyer - “A combination of many things. This group plays together. We learned from past errors.”
 Bernard Accoyer - “There is no limit to our discussion. Everything is on the table. It is time to turn the page.”
 Bernard Accoyer - “This exchange has allowed all of these groups to state their position on the current crisis and their proposals to get out of it as soon as possible.”
 Larry Coyer - “I don't know. I'm glad they are. . . . But I really can't answer that.”
 Larry Coyer - “The answer makes me sick. But here it is, and it's just like it's supposed to be You've got the best football teams (in the playoffs), and if you want to make it through, you've got to be the best one.”
 Larry Coyer - “I don't have a magic answer. If you play cornerback in this league, they're going to get you once in a while.”
 Larry Coyer - “When you have bad things happen to you, you have to grow. You have to take it, and (the Colts) gave it to us. But we can't take it anymore. We have to fight to see we do the best we can. And it's the ability to be competitive no matter who you're playing.”