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 Jeremy Crabtree - “To win games in the Big Ten, you have to have quality offensive linemen. These linemen are an upgrade of what they've done in the past. From the returns, it's looking like they hit their target.”
 Anthony Crabtree - “We have so many players going both ways we don't have as much depth. Gallatin is a good team.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “It should be interesting to see how he does. He was a guy who had a very good reputation. He could close. If you knew it was down to him and somebody else, odds are he was going to land the kid.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “(Wright's) reputation is stellar. He emerged late as a senior and moved up the charts.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “I still think we're seeing some major kids who go out of state, but you're getting different types of programs each year that are getting those players. When the Big 8 merged into the Big 12, it opened up a whole new avenue of recruits to look at the northern schools. Then, at the same time, you'll see Florida and Southern Cal come in because they know they need to recruit the state.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “When you look back, this might be the worst class he ever signed because he didn't have a lot of time to recruit. But if you think about what he did at Nebraska and the quality players he recruited, he should do well for Buffalo. Florida didn't do as well under Urban Meyer in his first year and neither did Notre Dame with Charlie Weis. It's usually that second class where you see results.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “He may be the No. 1 kid left on their board. There might've been some high school kids that were a little bit higher, but, to tell you the truth, as it got further into the recruiting process and further into the season, Brent Schaeffer definitely emerged as one of their top, if not the top guy on their board.”
 Brian Crabtree - “This is just a learning experience I suppose. It's something we can look at and work on correcting what went wrong. What else can you say about games like that.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “Nobody closes as strong as Bobby Bowden, especially the last couple of years. He's (Bowden) one of the best closers and his staff has really done well.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “Les was perennially in the Top 25 while at Oklahoma State, and he wasn't alone in the state like he is at LSU. He and Bob Stoops regularly gave one another headaches a lot of those years.”
 Tobias Crabtree - “What you're seeing is a crossroads here between Wall Street analysts focused on the next quarter and long-term investors focused on the next three to five years.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “He's a great addition for them. Somebody made a mistake not going back after him.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “The guy loves to text message kids. He was at the major-league All-Star last summer. He's text messaging their top recruits, saying, 'I'm here at the ballpark thinking about you.' (That meant) the kid was thinking about Charlie Weis in the middle of the summer.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “When you think West Coast offense, you don't think of the shorter guys. You think 6-3 or 6-4, guys who can run great routes and can go across the middle if needed. They hit some home runs from that angle.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “This is a big loss for Miami. This is the second year they've lost a quarterback and that's something that could catch up to them. Right now, they're trying to hold things together.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “You can game-plan the week of the Oklahoma game without having to call 50 recruits every day. But what if someone better than the player you've got comes along”
 Tobias Crabtree - “I think today's call put an end to those concerns. You want to see strong results coming out of the combined company. It speaks to PG management that they have been able so quickly to digest such a large acquisition.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “I think the biggest common tie (between USC and Texas) is that they're in two of the biggest population areas in the country - and population areas for high school football, too.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “Neither of those guys was going to make or break the class. Montgomery is going to be a quality college running back and there has to be some disappointment there, but those guys aren't the foundation of the class.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “Michigan State did a great job going to the junior college ranks. They want some kids who can contribute quickly and got some kids who can step in and do that.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “It all started with Al Woods. Then they were able to go into Georgia and get some quality players, too, and an excellent junior college offensive lineman from Kansas. They got some players from the Houston area and east Texas.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “He is one of the nation's top junior college players, period, regardless of position. And then there's the fact that the kid has already played in the SEC. He's a very, very talented kid athletically. He can contribute almost immediately. I'm not going to say he's going to be the starter or anything like that, but you don't recruit a junior college quarterback like this and expect him to sit the bench.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “I think Willingham did a good job of keeping Washington state kids at home, went out and got some good ones out of California and sprinkled in some junior college guys. It looks like a pretty darn good class.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “Texas had 25 commitments last summer. They will see a major, major effect next year. It will make things even easier for them in Texas, but it might open the door for a kid in California or might open the door for a kid in Florida.”
 Jeremy Crabtree - “Travis is the fastest rising player in California maybe.”

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