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 Julie Craven - “I think they just had some runs on us. You can't give a team like that leads. It is hard to come back against a team like Sycamore.”
 Julie Craven - “The acquisition of Lloyd's Barbeque had a large impact on Minnesota employment figures. We expect continued growth in the coming year however, we won't speculate that growth will continue at the same rate.”
 Patrick Craven - “Each year on this day we remember and pay tribute to this much loved working-class hero and giant of the national liberation.”
 Ricky Craven - “If we come into the race with the idea that we have to do everything we can to save fuel, there will be 36 cautions and fuel will be irrelevant,”
 John Craven - “The industry is largely unregulated. As far as soft drinks are concerned, there's no process for getting them tested and approved.”
 Ricky Craven - “If a caution comes out late in the race, it's a free-for all. When the caution came out in the '70s, all it did was bring three or four cars together because 10th place was eight or nine laps down.”
 Julie Craven - “We have good senior leadership. It's good to see them playing together and playing well.”
 Wes Craven - “I don't know where the limits of her range are. I certainly didn't find them.”
 Wes Craven - “All of us have our individual curses, something that we are uncomfortable with and something that we have to deal with, like me making horror films, perhaps.”
 Wes Craven - “There is an emotionality and vulnerability. She knows what is of value and what is not. And for another thing, she's a legend in her own time. I think everyone in Hollywood takes her very seriously.”
 Wes Craven - “She's a legend in her own time.”
 Patrick Craven - “One of the ways to judge whether a government is progressive or not is to assess the way workers and trade unions are treated.”
 Julie Craven - “I think the girls came out really intense to win all of our matches in two games. I think the girls are starting to trust each other and play as a team. They played well together and are starting to click a little more.”
 Wes Craven - “Alex was familiar with the location. It also meant we could spend another 2 million without taxes and union fees. As much as you don't like taking films out of the U.S., we had to do it.”
 Ricky Craven - “Then all of a sudden things started going wrong, ... It was a bit strange.”
 Wes Craven - “It's kind of experiment time, ... We'll see if people get behind us, and if the picture's any good. But it has to be that people will experiment with me. If not, fine, I'll just go back to writing books or something. But I have the feeling I'm onto something.”
 Wes Craven - “By trapping her on the plane with innocent people in peril, the villain puts her in a very vulnerable position, ... There are decent human beings all around her, but she can't really tell them what's going on.”
 John Craven - “A number of large international drilling service companies have already expressed serious interest in tendering, some of which currently have ongoing drilling operations nearby.”
 Ricky Craven - “You have to be careful because you could make this vanilla,”
 Wes Craven - “Those are the only two films I've made in which I have significant ownership. So you can make a deal where a studio releases your film but doesn't have final cut. You have a lot of power that you wouldn't have otherwise.”
 Wes Craven - “After that, everybody-assumed I must be a terrifying person who lived in a cave. We both tried to make other kinds of films, but we couldn't get any money. They were offering us money to make scary movies, so I went off and made The Hills Have Eyes , and Sean went off and did Friday the 13th ,”
 Wes Craven - “My whole family still lives there, ... I mean, where is Cleveland anymore They're in Cleveland Heights, Burton, Willoughby, places like that. Mostly all over the eastern suburbs.”
 Wes Craven - “Alex made the picture fresh, which was important. None of us wanted just to shoot the original script again. Alex took it and made it his own.”
 Julie Craven - “It's happening every day. Violent spouses and parents are being granted unsupervised access every weekend ... something's got to change.”
 Patrick Craven - “We support the demands of the people of Swaziland.”

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