My Favorite Quotes
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 Stephanie Cravens - “I see them making progress. We just need to give them as much help as we can.”
 Joe Cravens - “Heck gave us some problems. I thought maybe we needed to introduce David Patten to him at halftime so Dave would know who he was guarding.”
 Joe Cravens - “I thought we were right where we needed to be at halftime.”
 Joe Cravens - “I thought it was a decent game to get us ready for our league. We start off with the toughest trip in the league, and that's why we came over here, to get us ready prepared for that.”
 Joe Cravens - “I thought we played a lot better (than last time) and I thought we got a little careless in the second half. We quit guarding and rebounding like we needed to.”
 Stephanie Cravens - “Lack of trust between board and superintendent continues to stymie progress.”
 Joe Cravens - “It's real frustrating. I thought we had a lot of motivation coming into the game.”
 Joe Cravens - “When the game was close we didn't have enough patience. Everyone wanted to hit one out of the park.”
 Joe Cravens - “We control our destiny as far as getting into the conference tournament. We played with a lot of toughness (on the last road trip) and came back strong.”
 Joe Cravens - “He reminds me of (former Weber star) Jermaine Boyette because of his ability to get to the free-throw line. Not only is he a good shooter, but he's their assist and steals leader as well.”