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 Vincent Creel - “He is going to be looked on as a genius for that.”
 Vincent Creel - “The mayor is expected to discuss where we before the storm, and what we have done since the storm, and will be unveiling an initiative for the long-term recovery.”
 Harold Creel - “At this time, sanctions are on track to become effective on Sept. 4.”
 Vincent Creel - “I think by the time they look under every crushed building, there will be hundreds dead and missing right here in Biloxi.”
 Vincent Creel - “CC means 'condemned by the city'. If a structure is a threat to public safety or public health, it's going to have to come down. If you seen the CC in front of the sidewalk at your house, there's no reason to fear. We're not going to come down tomorrow and tear your house down. That's just another step in the process.”
 Santiago Creel - “Vote by vote, we are going to win the second and third rounds,”
 Vincent Creel - “It was not so much a communications breakdown as it was a communication device breakdown. So if we'd have had carrier pigeons, we'd have been using them. We'd have used smoke signals, but we didn't have water.”
 Vincent Creel - “Our goal was to put people in the storm.”
 Vincent Creel - “Camille killed more people this time than she did all those years ago.”
 Vincent Creel - “A whole new market, people who had been looking at Florida to retire, were going to come here to escape the hurricanes. We think people are going to be buying land now because they think they're going to get it cheap and can build from scratch.”
 Vincent Creel - “We're going to arrest people if we need to.”
 Vincent Creel - “We drained Food Giant for the public safety people. The mayor commandeered the store.”
 Scott Creel - “When we open you won't notice there was any problem whatsoever.”
 Vincent Creel - “Right now, money is going out three times faster than on a normal day because we have so many people working so many hours and we have absolutely nothing coming in.”
 Vincent Creel - “We're still going with the official count from last night, 40 in Biloxi. But that's going to be very low.”
 Scott Creel - “The good news is nobody was injured and it's only property damage. The runoff was such that the gutters couldn't hold it, then gravity took over and pulled it into the mall.”
 Harold Creel - “If they don't come up with something, the fines will go into effect at 1201 a.m. Thursday morning.”
 Vincent Creel - “It was once known as the International Plaza, which is indicative of the diversity of the Point Cadet area.”
 Scott Creel - “We've never seen anything like it. It literally covered one end of the shopping center to the other and in some instances, 10 inches deep.”
 Vincent Creel - “The future of the Point is up in the air. Gaming groups have expressed an interest in that area, and a number of adjoining land owners have sold their property. There is no firm decision yet.”
 Vincent Creel - “It will make more room for looters and anyone accused of a violent crime.”
 Vincent Creel - “We don't think that we need to use that means at this time. But I can appreciate the situation in Gulfport where there is a serious health concern.”
 Scott Creel - “It's too early to tell what the damage is. Certainly there's the common area and individual stores.”
 Harold Creel - “Hopefully, Japan will meet the commitment it made earlier in the year.”
 Harold Creel - “I'm not inclined to totally forgive the debt. I'm not even inclined to compromise. It's just clear that the Japanese government did not meet the commitment it made last April. It's unfortunate, and this is the result.”

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