My Favorite Quotes
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 Jon Cregor - “We think athletically and experience-wise we should match up really well, but obviously Amarillo Arbor feels the same way. We're expecting a one or two-point game going right down to the wire, and the last team that has the ball will probably win the game.”
 Jon Cregor - “You try to put a tough schedule together that's going to help you in the state tournament, but until you get a few wins under your belt it's tough to convince your players. Our mindset right now, though, is very positive. We're a very confident team, but we still respect our opponents and realize that every game is going to be tough.”
 Jon Cregor - “The team this year is a group of hard-working guys, and they get pretty serious about basketball. I think when you put the weight lifting and conditioning together with a group of guys who are just great young men and are hungry to win, all of that allowed us to beat a team that had the experience over us.”