My Favorite Quotes
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 Ken Crerar - “If you're not making your client happy and your ego's taking over your client's interest, you're going to learn real quickly. This is not a very forgiving industry when it comes to that.”
 Ken Crerar - “And if you do your client in and you take other interests that are not in your client's best interest, you lose. You always lose.”
 Ken Crerar - “A Fortune 500 client can hire all the people they want to do the risk analysis and all those pieces. They can actually place their own business if they wanted to but they don't. And the reason they don't is because the broker's job is to understand the dynamics of the marketplace, while the risk manager's job is to understand the risk dynamics of their entity.”
 Ken Crerar - “You can talk about the placement process or the evaluation process, but at the end of the day what is an insurance broker An insurance broker is a client advocate. At its core that's what they do.”