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 Tony Crescenzi - “With the Fed's statement, Chairman Alan Greenspan's famed gradualism is surfacing again, as the chairman appears to be signaling a slow pace of interest rate hikes in the future,”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “It remains rational to expect job gains of over 200,000 per month in the upcoming months, ... The longer it takes to reach that point the more likely it is that forecasters will continue to skedaddle and lower their forecasts still further.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “There are inflation figures due out Thursday and Friday. The CPI and the PPI both are expected at 0.5 percent (increase), which is a very large gain, but both of those gains are expected to be driven by higher oil prices.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “The Fed's history has been that they solve one problem but create another,”
 Tony Crescenzi - “The Fed certainly recognizes the importance that the markets are placing on the housing market and could well use it as a means of sending strong signals.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “Even though it falls outside of the survey period, it may be that an individual found a job during the survey period and so didn't have to file a claim in the following weeks, ... It tells a story about labor demand and suggests that has improved.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “The Fed needs to align itself with the inflation expectations of the market, unless it has a strong -- and hopefully accurate -- view about how the inflation trend is evolving.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “Expectations are one of the biggest parts of the inflation process,”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “I think we have conditions in place now that could put off the tightening. Unfortunately, there is some inflation embedding itself.”
 Tony Crescenzi - “The pending home sales data feed right into the hands of those who expect the Fed to end its interest-rate hikes.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “There are hints now that the worst may be over in the labor story.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “I'm struck, ... Originally I thought that in a recession we could get below 5 percent, but we're not even close to one (a recession.)”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “This time, they want to keep rates low to fight deflation -- a demon that may have vanished already. They might be successful again, but something else might build up, some other unintended consequence, including some inflation.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “There were rumors that the Fed might cut rates today, but of course they did nothing.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “The risk aversion was a touch smaller today, but it was more of a toe-step into the markets that were beaten up badly.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “Fundamentally there is not a good basis for the yen to rally today. But the bottom line is the dollar is more stable than we would have thought Friday.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “Today, the market witnessed the other side of that de-leveraging process. If this was the fuel driving up bonds recently, there's probably not a lot of that left.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “Today, the market witnessed the other side of that de-leveraging process, ... If this was the fuel driving up bonds recently, there's probably not a lot of that left.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “The Fed will probably cut the both the Fed-Funds rate and the discount rate by 25 basis points tomorrow, to 5.25 percent and 4.75 percent, respectively.”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “It's time to trade out of investments whose success depends on a strong economy... for both stocks and corporate bonds.”
 Tony Crescenzi - “Since 300 billion in yen trade each day in the markets, the G-7 is really no match for the market's firepower, ... In the end, fundamentals will dictate trading.”
 Tony Crescenzi - “There is a revival in global growth now underway that is lifting the U.S. manufacturing sector and hence, commodity prices and wages.”
 Tony Crescenzi - “When there is a weak auction, it sometimes means investors will step aside and wait for deals in the secondary market,”
 Anthony Crescenzi - “In light of the political backdrop, the decline in confidence is understandable and is therefore of little worry, particularly now that the primary season is over,”
 Tony Crescenzi - “Sixty-three percent of respondents said they felt conditions would get better over the next six months versus just 5 percent who said that conditions would get worse,”

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