My Favorite Quotes
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 Matt Cressman - “It's frustrating. I think that the grind of the season, playing short-handed for so long, is catching up with some of the players. This isn't the way that you want to go into the playoffs. We have to get the ship righted and in a hurry, to get a good feeling again.”
 Matt Cressman - “This was an incredible comeback. Amarillo is a good team and we played sloppy hockey for the first two periods. This was a game we needed to win, though, so we started to be more aggressive in the third period and it paid off.”
 Matt Cressman - “Paul worked his butt off tonight. I thought he had waited too long to pass it, but he timed it just right and Mike finished it for us.”
 Matt Cressman - “There's not a lot of happy campers around here with just the way things have been going. The old adage is 'hard work will get you out slumps.' It's certainly not a lack of effort on our part. We've got to get a win or two to get the confidence back.”
 Matt Cressman - “These are the games that you build confidence with. We worked hard, Laredo worked hard and it was a great hockey game.”