My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Cribari - “It was a perfect day for scoring and they proved it. When they're focused, they can play. What a great round of golf. They really put it together.”
 Steve Cribari - “Chris played a great round of golf. He's been working really hard and it's starting to show some results.”
 Steve Cribari - “The conditions were brutally hard. It was very, very difficult to play golf. I knew it would be difficult for the girls after their excellent opening round (288). The boys played pretty solid with the conditions. It's always nice to win. My main focus is that we get better every day and learn each time we tee it up.”
 Steve Cribari - “It's interesting to watch them because I just like to see how they handle the pressure and certain things, and it will hopefully help our quest for a state championship. It's very nice, believe me, it's fun to sit and relax. I can't watch them all at once, but it's nice to not have any responsibilities.”
 Steve Cribari - “We haven't really put in low scores that we need to. We talked about it yesterday as a group and it was nice for him to put one in the sixties. Hopefully this will be the beginning of him continuing to lead us and continuing to shoot under par.”
 Steve Cribari - “The course played pretty tough. The wind was swirling. It was cold this morning and it was cool Tuesday. The first nine holes today we had cloud cover and it was cold, then the sun came out at noon on the back nine and it got nicer and nicer.”
 Steve Cribari - “I'm very disappointed in the first team. Their focus wasn't there because they've had some success in the past and they were overconfident. They think they can just show up. I hope they get focused (today) and can make a good run at (the title). I like our chances from any of my teams.”
 Steve Cribari - “It's good to have won. Our boys have the potential to play great, and we need to start playing great to get ready to for the district and hopefully state tournament.”
 Steve Cribari - “The boys want to show people that they can play. I want them to get that credit, too.”
 Steve Cribari - “The competition between the entire team itself is one of the reasons our program is the way it is, because our teams can compete within each other every time they play. It makes them better as an entire team.”
 Steve Cribari - “We just haven't really put our low scores together this year the way we are capable of. Today was hopefully a start of something more to come. We've had just 'OK' scores, nothing that set us apart from anybody else, and to be successful we have to do that. Hopefully today was the start of that.”
 Steve Cribari - “The girls played pretty solid. If they get focused and just play, they are capable of playing pretty well. I hope they just keep their focus and work to get better and that's our main objective because we try to get better every day. Hopefully we do well again tomorrow.”