My Favorite Quotes
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 John Cridland - “UK Plc feels it has gone as far as it can in accommodating tax rises that have weakened our international competitive position. The trend we now want to see is a downward one not an upward one,”
 John Cridland - “Against this background firms are cutting back on their investment plans and expect the rate of job losses to increase.”
 John Cridland - “Phase two of the emissions trading scheme would result in further hikes in energy costs at a time when firms are enduring the highest gas and electricity prices for more than a decade.”
 John Cridland - “The temptation to overwhelm them with unjustified employment law, just to placate the trade union movement, must be resisted.”
 John Cridland - “If the regulator gets this wrong, it could have the perverse effect of throttling private sector investment, thereby damaging the UK economy, putting the very pension schemes the regulator is trying to protect under even more pressure.”
 John Cridland - “The opportunity to simplify regulation and get rid of duplication must not be missed. Britain's future competitiveness depends on it.”
 John Cridland - “It is hard to see how the government can maintain its veto on nuclear new build.”
 John Cridland - “In Europe, we're seeing a wave of so-called economic patriotism. Protectionism is pernicious, pervasive, the ill-conceived political response to globalization and on the increase.”
 John Cridland - “It is good that the Commission is allowing the opt-out to remain, but it is quite wrong to give trade unions a veto over what should be an individual decision. The proposals would undermine the individual's right to choose the hours they work.”
 John Cridland - “This is an attempt to broker a compromise that has completely backfired,”
 John Cridland - “The CBI welcomes the deregulatory aspects of the Company Law Reform Bill,”
 John Cridland - “The going is getting tougher. The relationship will depend on the nature of the decisions the government takes and how credible they are with the business community,”
 John Cridland - “This is a very important moment for the government's economic policies. Measures are needed that will ensure economic stability over the next few years and not undermine business growth,”
 John Cridland - “Business investment is disappointingly sluggish and the long-term effects on the U.K. economy are really worrying our corporate members. The general view is that the U.K. is still a good place to do business, but it is not as good as it was five years ago and it won't be as good in five years time if policy continues as it is.”
 John Cridland - “It welcomes new powers for shareholders to vote through proportionate liability for auditors, which should result in a fairer sharing of the burden between companies and their auditors.”
 John Cridland - “There is a fine balance to be struck between security and open markets and the U.S. Congress could be about to tip that balance in the wrong direction. National security won't really be enhanced but America's economic security will be damaged as foreign investors are put off and outside expertise lost.”
 John Cridland - “There is also a real danger that providers will create structures for artificial reasons to get around arcane rules governing market entry, rather than creating partnerships that add public value.”
 John Cridland - “As it stands, (pension) trustees will feel compelled to make companies adopt aggressive new funding plans regardless of the impact on the business or on scheme members.”