My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Crocco - “It took us some time to get our rhythm going. Both teams seemed nervous, playing in front of 2,000 screaming fans and knowing the county championship was on the line. But, we eventually settled down enough to win.”
 Joe Crocco - “We had a little trouble with their big kid, so we overcompensated and sent too many guys down low, which gave them some open looks. We made an adjustment in the second half, stayed home and pressured the ball.”
 Joe Crocco - “Sure it stings to lose the game. But, nothing will ever take away our county championship. We all can look back years from now and feel good about it. We accomplished the goal we set for ourselves last fall and that will always be something special and will always connect us.”
 Joe Crocco - “During one stretch, Jericho seemed to be scoring on almost every possession in the fourth quarter and there were times when we couldn't get a rebound. Turnovers also came into play. They're a killer.”
 Joe Crocco - “The support we received from the school and community was awesome.”