My Favorite Quotes
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 Steven Cron - “There was no showing that he ever intended to profit by selling anything belonging to Ray Charles. He had worked on these materials and because he wasn't very organized at the time, failed to return them.”
 Chris Cron - “There are not too many 22 year olds out there that have ever thrown that many innings in a year. At this point, we're looking out for his health, so we're throwing him every nine days instead of every four. We're skipping him every time for that reason.”
 Chris Cron - “These games are fun to watch. Everybody involved in that type of game gets better, including yours truly. I'm trying to pull the right strings, too.”
 Steven Cron - “It is because of this outpouring that she felt an obligation to disclose publicly these intensely private matters.”
 Chris Cron - “He beat us again, and we'll face him again if we make the playoffs. The kid's got some real good stuff we talk about it all the time about how we're going to approach him, but he seems to get that big pitch at crucial times.”
 Steven Cron - “Paula is eager to have her day in court and we are ready to get started.”
 Steven Cron - “We have received a phenomenal amount of support from around the country and around the world.”
 Micron - “Hatred is toxic waste in the river of life.”