My Favorite Quotes
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 Kyle Crookes - “I don't know how many times we've been outside, but that was the first extended period we've been off like that since (Arkansas) Fort Smith. It was like starting the season over again for the third time.”
 Kyle Crookes - “We pitched well in tight games. Pitching and defense were our strengths today.”
 Kyle Crookes - “All of our pitchers threw well today.”
 Kyle Crookes - “Talking to some of our hitters, it was the first live pitching they'd seen in some time. But I expect to score more runs when that happens. Walks are good because that means you're being patient enough to take a base. But I just got done telling them that we have to be better because that won't cut it.”
 Kyle Crookes - “In this league, there's so much parity in this league, even more so than in the last few years. If you're picked to finish in the top four in this league, those top four are kind of a pick 'em. I don't put too much weight into them. We don't talk about it much. It's waste of breath. You can't change what people think of you until you play them.”
 Kyle Crookes - “He did the bunt on his own. I have confidence in him to handle the bat and get a ground ball to the right side. He's an unselfish player.”
 Kyle Crookes - “That's what we needed from Derek to help his club out. He was put in a tough situation, but it's good you can put someone like that in the game that you can count on.”