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 George Crooks - “I want to see the kids give it all they've got until it's over for them or they go on to the next round. That's all I want to see.”
 Glenn Crooks - “I feel that the goals we gave up this weekend were preventable. But, overall, I think we learned a lot this weekend.”
 George Crooks - “I think we're in a good spot. You want to get as many kids out of sectionals as you can.”
 Glenn Crooks - “Last year I don't think she was as mobile or as strong as she is now. It took her a part of last season to improve. We are fortunate to have her in the program because she knows what it takes to win and encourages her teammates to do the same.”
 Glenn Crooks - “A lot of our opportunities were good, and then we hit the ball right at the keeper. That's something we'll need to improve on. We didn't mark up in some dangerous areas and it ended up costing us.”
 George Crooks - “There were some matches that we thought we should win that we ended up not winning. It made the difference. The guys wrestled hard. We just didn't win where we needed to win. It was a nice atmosphere.”
 Rep. Crooks - “You've got happy people, sad people and really mad people. I don't know what to do at this time. I guess we'll have to ride this out for a year.”
 George Crooks - “Anthony might be wrestling a little too defensive. It might be time for him to step it up and start being more aggressive.”
 Glenn Crooks - “This game was huge. This makes our chances of getting into the Big East tournament much slimmer, but it's not out of the question. We had no sense of urgency today like we had in the last five matches.”
 Glenn Crooks - “Notre Dame is a top-10 team and DePaul is not, and that's the difference. If we had played with the same energy that we did against Notre Dame, the outcome may have been different today. There are no excuses.”
 Jerry Crooks - “Probably the most serious thing he did was abandoning ship. He was seen in the water swimming away from the ship 11 minutes after the first explosion, and he left five people behind that he knew to be alive.”
 Jerry Crooks - “He had to have known it was wrong to open up those tanks.”
 Rep. Crooks - “If you do the math, it adds up. It's probably more valuable than any income that legislator may have made in their years of service.”
 Rep. Crooks - “Just when we got it solved a whole faction of people we never heard from before are talking.”
 Rep. Crooks - “Just when we got it solved a whole faction of people we never heard from before are talking.”
 Glenn Crooks - “Meg was very positive and I think a little anxious. She's very hard on herself and always wants to play but she got her opportunity last year.”
 George Crooks - “The nerves were there that he didn't realize could come in. You're trying to get a two-timer and that's easier said than done. The way he came out of that double-overtime match with a win -- that's tough to be on top and do that. I can't say enough good things about him.”
 Glenn Crooks - “They are an in-state rival and no matter how both teams are doing, it's going to be a big game for both of us.”
 George Crooks - “Central Crossing beat us last year and they beat Mount Vernon last week, so on paper it should be a really even match. Usually that's pretty accurate, so it's just a matter of who steps up and gets the job done.”
 Rep. Crooks - “It's time to make our fireworks law legitimate.”
 George Crooks - “Based on the numbers we had, we got the most out of it. The kids gave us their best and sometime we just didn't have enough people in the spots to make it happen.”
 George Crooks - “We have a good group of hard-working kids. Hopefully when the time comes, their weight will be scattered out like it was this year. With only 17 kids, we were very fortunate to be able to spread them out to make a team.”
 George Crooks - “Travis came out harder than he's done before. He almost shot right off the whistle, which we thought might happen, but he didn't go for it. I got to know Travis fairly well and their coaches, and I have a lot of respect for their program. Those guys are outstanding, but it's just a pleasure to beat them. Certainly that's what we want to do.”
 Glenn Crooks - “It's a matter of individuals getting prepared to play. You wonder why we have to raise our voices in the locker room in order to get people to perform.”
 Glenn Crooks - “The thing you need to take into consideration and that you hear coaches talk about all the time is the fact that you need to perform for the entire match. I thought at times we played well and other moments we had breakdowns that cost us.”

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