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 Sylvester Croom - “We've got to develop some mental toughness. It's why we don't have back-to-back good practices and why we can't win two games in a row. Right now, we're just not mentally tough enough. I'm disappointed because after a good day, we'll have a lackadaisical practice.”
 Sylvester Croom - “I'm not worried about him. If he was a freshman, maybe. But he's kicked in games.”
 Sylvester Croom - “Our kids won that game strictly on guts and heart. I've been telling them all year if they just believe, something like this will happen.”
 Sylvester Croom - “I thought we got better every day defensively. And we made improvement offensively. We had some big guns out most of the spring.”
 Sylvester Croom - “We thought (Johnson) was an outstanding player in last year's class. He will be a great asset to us in the secondary.”
 Sylvester Croom - “I'll never be satisfied, but I like this team a whole lot better at this point than I did at this time last year. I know this team is willing to pay the price to be successful. I know that this team is in good shape. I know that they are physically tough, and that they will hit people. They have a will to win.”
 Sylvester Croom - “They don't have time to be freshmen,”
 Sylvester Croom - “Special teams have been good all the time. We just had a calamity in one game. Like anything else, we just need to be poised in crucial situations.”
 Sylvester Croom - “We need to get in a rhythm. It's hard to throw all the time.”
 Sylvester Croom - “He is an intense competitor and he has a knack for making plays, even turning his mistakes into positives. I think he'll get even better as time goes on.”
 Sylvester Croom - “What's that Visa commercial Priceless. Every single day, Coach Bryant and my dad, I think about them a couple of times a day because they are the two men that impacted my life more than anyone else and there isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about them.”
 Sylvester Croom - “I thought the defense did a great job of getting turnovers. They came up with tipped balls, fell on loose balls, and ran to the football. The only thing I got on them about was that they did not stop the offense a couple of times in short yardage situations.”
 Sylvester Croom - “The defense did a great job of getting turnovers. The only thing disappointing to me about the defense is at times we were unable to stop the run.”
 Sylvester Croom - “We were sloppy today. We got another great effort out of our defense. They're making plays and getting turnovers. Loose balls, tipped balls, they're making plays.”
 Sylvester Croom - “We've been playing better defense. We understand the scheme better, we're pretty solid in the front seven and we're tackling better.”
 Sylvester Croom - “I'm disappointed that the players have put themselves in a very embarrassing situation and did not use good judgment. I'm just hopeful that lessons have been learned. As these young men move into mature adulthood ... they must learn to either defuse the situation or walk away from it.”
 Sylvester Croom - “His work ethic is tremendous, ... He comes to practice every day to compete. He enjoys it. He has fun at what he's doing. And as a coach, you really like to see that in a player.”
 Sylvester Croom - “And it's going to be tough to do because he went almost 11 years without losing a conference game. That's not going to happen now. The times have changed and I think it was probably a period that will never be duplicated in this conference again.”
 Sylvester Croom - “We understand our schemes. We've been in it for two years now, and the young guys have grown up in our system.”
 Sylvester Croom - “The defense has to get off the field. They did play hard and were on the field for a long time. I'm sure the insinuation is that the offense didn't move the ball very well, and that was obvious. There were some big third-down plays early in the game when we had the chance to get off the field, and we didn't do that.”
 Sylvester Croom - “He played a very, very good ball game (Saturday night). (He gave) great effort and great intensity, ... And we saw that out of him early this year, but he did not have a quality spring. He was distracted by some things off the field.”
 Sylvester Croom - “As far as I am concerned they are just as good as Southern Cal last year. I don't see a weakness on their team right now even though they lost the game the other night.”
 Sylvester Croom - “Ultimately, I am responsible for their actions and I take full responsibility. But I want to stress that these are good kids who come from good families, who made a serious mistake in judgment.”
 Sylvester Croom - “He threw the ball better than I thought he would. Their tight ends and receivers didn't miss balls.”
 Sylvester Croom - “I'm not going to make predictions because I've never believed in that. But we'll go into this year feeling like we can play with anybody on our schedule and have a chance to win. That will be the first time since we've been here that has occurred.”

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