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 Austin Croshere - “The last two games, we're playing better, happier for each other, more assists and less turnovers. It's fun to be out there. It's fun to be on the bench for the first time in a while. I certainly think things are headed in the right direction. But it doesn't take away from the problems we've had. I don't think anybody is pretending the last eight games didn't exist.”
 Austin Croshere - “We're still in a buildingrebuilding stage. We're still trying to find an identity as a team. We've had success in doing that so far, but it's kind of in it's infancy stages. I think we need to do the things we've been doing for a longer period of time before you can really say we've turned a corner and established ourselves without him.”
 Austin Croshere - “We had chances early, but they hurt us on the offensive boards. They get out on the break and we feed that when we turn the ball over like we did.' It's hard to get anything out of a game like this. We've got a big character game tomorrow in San Antonio.”
 Austin Croshere - “When you lose seven out of eight, many people are upset with many things. One game or victory like this doesn't make up for the way we have been playing in the past. This is a step in the right direction.”
 Austin Croshere - “I've been .500 or better my whole career so to do that nine straight years in a row would be important for me. I think, beyond that, it's really just a matter of playoff seeding at this point do anything to stay out of that eighth position would be the goal.”
 Austin Croshere - “I think in some ways it's kind of a relief to have it behind us. It's an opportunity to go forward without any distractions there's not any 'what ifs,' and I think it's welcomed.”
 Austin Croshere - “I think early on guys were trying to feel each other out trying to move the ball. I don't think we have a selfish team by any means, but we have guys that are confident, that feel like they can take their man at times. I think one of the things we have been preaching early on is that the next man can take his man, too. If there's a better opportunity we have to move the ball.”
 Austin Croshere - “I really thought we were going to win that game. It was disappointing, but it's a great memory.”
 Austin Croshere - “We definitely had our struggles and I don't think we're denying that. But it wasn't as bad as it was made out to be by the national media.”
 Austin Croshere - “We got the loose balls in the second half that we didn't get in the first half. Those are the things we have to do. When you have to make up for a guy who scores 19, 20 points, you have to execute better. You have to do the little things.”
 Austin Croshere - “It's kind of late (in the season) but we need to make a stand. I think everybody is really upset with the way we've been playing. When you've lost eight out of (ten), culminating with the blow-out (Sunday), the best thing to do is get back to basics.”
 Austin Croshere - “It's hard to really build on this one. We have a big character game tomorrow against San Antonio, another great team, off a loss like this. But it is an opportunity to make up for the mistakes we made tonight, and we have to take advantage of that.”
 Austin Croshere - “I've played on teams in the past where we had a really hard problem in the third quarter. We would come out and have a big lead at halftime and in the third quarter we would give it right back. I don't think it's a personality-type thing as a team to come out that way. Certainly it's been frustrating to play from a hole.”
 Austin Croshere - “It's a shame he never really got the opportunity to show people what he can do. We obviously saw glimpses of it in practice and in games. Obviously, the potential for him was unlimited. Any time a career gets cut short you feel sorry for him and that's obviously the case for Jonathan but he's a well-rounded young man who's got a great family and there's no doubt he'll be able to move on with his life.”
 Austin Croshere - “I'm not saying I completely agree with him, but Detroit should be the favorites because they went to the Finals two years in a row and they won a championship. I can't disagree with him on that. I think there's no doubt one of our biggest concerns is playing as a team. We know we have a lot of individual talent. It's a matter of playing as a team. I give him credit for calling it how he sees it.”
 Austin Croshere - “You have to give a lot of credit to Fred because of the way he's stepped up into that third scoring option. He's doing it with perimeter driving and slashing and it's really helping Jermaine out when he gets doubled in the post.”
 Austin Croshere - “We got up by 11 I don't know if we got comfortable or what. We're finding a lot of different ways to lose. We had some turnovers and they are a team that struggles in the half court. If you let them use their athleticism . . . they are pretty good. They did a good job of getting out and running.”
 Austin Croshere - “This team needs to step up and find some leadership and stop doing these things. It's not coaching it's effort and taking responsibility for what's happening on the court.”
 Austin Croshere - “I acknowledge it's a possibility if they look to make it a bigger deal. I don't have any control over it. It's a distraction, but you would like for it to be over with as soon possible. It's not that it's in the back of your mind any more today than it was three weeks ago.”
 Austin Croshere - “One game doesn't make up for having lost (seven of the previous eight games). But it shows what we're capable of, and if we do things the right way, things can change in these next five games.”
 Austin Croshere - “It wasn't him that gave in, it was his knee that gave out. He never really got a fair chance. I remember him having these problems from day one. It's sad to see anybody's career cut short. He never got a chance to show people on a big stage what he was capable of. It's a very frustrating thing for any athlete.”
 Austin Croshere - “I think it's very important to have three strong, strong games. I think we want to do the things we're capable of and put ourselves in a position to win at the end.”
 Austin Croshere - “I think it wasn't anywhere near what we're capable of, but I think it's still good enough to win. As long as we can learn on the fly and still win games, that will be great for us in the long run.”
 Austin Croshere - “We're not playing our best basketball of the year, but we're definitely closer than we were a couple weeks ago.”
 Austin Croshere - “With the way things have been, we don't want to get too excited. It's fun to be playing basketball now. It wasn't there for a while.”

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