My Favorite Quotes
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 Dave Crosswhite - “Pushing kids too early is a problem I've seen through the years. If you start them too early, by the time they're in high school they're burned out on it.”
 Perry Crosswhite - “Hosting the world championships at Rod Laver Arena last year also provided a boost to our gymnasts as they demonstrated the huge advances they have made over the past four years.”
 Dave Crosswhite - “I don't care if the kid comes in last every time, as long they're improving and learning and having fun, that's the important thing.”
 Perry Crosswhite - “Our goal is to be the strongest athletics nation after England just edged us in Manchester.”
 Perry Crosswhite - “All members of the team have to abide by the team agreement. If they don't abide by it they can be dismissed from the team. They have been made aware of that in the letter. You can comment on your own performance and preparation and all those sorts of things but you do not comment on the performances of your fellow team members.”