My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Crouse - “Coach didn't want me to get hurt tonight. But we'll be back next week and we'll do some things next week.”
 Don Crouse - “We had 13 healthy players tonight. If illness hadn't struck us this season, we'd be in better shape.”
 Don Crouse - “Evelyn Roth had the most playing time of anyone on the team. She played tough game after game after game.”
 Janice Crouse - “It's not because women don't have 'the right stuff.' Women are very tough mentally. But the best-trained women still can't keep up with the best-trained men physically. If we're putting men in harm's way, we owe them battle colleagues who are just as strong as they are.”
 Janice Crouse - “We thought it fitting to pay tribute to some of the special women who have given so much of their time and energy during 2005 to make our world a better place. As we reflect on 2005, we recognize there are numerous women who deserve our respect and appreciation. Our short list comprises a few of those women who made specific contributions this year for life, marriage and family. Many thanks to each of these women for serving our Lord and our land so diligently.”
 Janice Crouse - “Human trafficking is a growing reality in the United States and the Senate's action is an important step in fighting it. This new law not only strengthens the current trafficking law, it also grants additional funds to help prosecute sex trafficking offenders and offers protection to victims of this heinous crime.”