My Favorite Quotes
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 PJ Crowley - “We hope this important step will lead to further releases and will help all Nigerians come together to work to support a credible and open transition to civilian democratic government.”
 Dan Crowley - “No-one's pushing Al Baxter or Bill Young at present. Matt Dunning hasn't put his hand up. And in the second row we've got Mark Chisholm (behind Nathan Sharpe and Dan Vickerman) but who else”
 Anne Crowley - “Last year was the best in Fidelity's history.”
 Dan Crowley - “As far as the neighbors I've talked to, they think it's a great idea. Everything is favorable.”
 Dan Crowley - “I think it's a great idea. It's a better option than putting houses in here.”
 Leah Crowley - “You can't expect a sitter to know everything they need to know about each child and general information about the household.”
 Aleister Crowley - “In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless.”
 John Crowley - “The bottom line is, it's a great script and that's very inspiring and makes you want to overcome whatever technical difficulties you come up against.”
 John Crowley - “It's glorious, because the story is always moving forward through the dialogue. So I always felt on very safe ground with the script.”
 John Crowley - “I had very clever producers, who scheduled it brilliantly, but scheduling it was a nightmare.”
 John Crowley - “Fundamentally, whether directing in the theatre or a film, you have to be a good storyteller, regardless of the form. The thing I had to work hardest at was thinking in shots.”
 John Crowley - “But I'm very happy to work within tight parameters, and when you know you have an actor for two days, and you have to get that work done in two days, that focuses the mind wonderfully.”
 Joseph Crowley - “Some of the FDA's own scientists have charged that politics, not science, is behind the FDA's actions.”
 John Crowley - “I thought the kids played their hearts out.”
 John Crowley - “We just thought there was a real need for the course because wireless networks are becoming more pervasive. It's not going to teach the students everything they need to know about security. But it will be enough to get them started on the right road.”
 John Crowley - “Certainly it's very difficult to keep momentum going through a film which has as many characters as this does, and the piece took on a life of its own to try and shape it. That took all the time we had in editing.”
 Michael Crowley - “Any increase is a good increase. Would I like 10,000 or 15,000 or 20,000 Sure. But this is a new concept, people are still kind of grappling with it. But as time goes on, maybe there will be that sense of urgency.”
 PJ Crowley - “We want a deal. They're here. They're engaged. There's no time like the present.”
 John Crowley - “This is the first time in history that we've evacuated a whole city,”
 Kieran Crowley - “His leadership has come up this year. His time in Super 12 and with New Zealand A has helped him grow as a player.”
 Tammy Crowley - “They (Scott City) have a good team. I think they play both fall and spring ball. We were looking for them to play small ball, so we really practiced against the bunt and it showed today.”
 Aleister Crowley - “There are hardly half a dozen writers in England today who have not sold out to the enemy. Even when their good work has been a success, Mammon grips them and whispers More money for more work.”
 Joseph Crowley - “We had a pretty good day today,”
 Terry Crowley - “We basically have a veteran bunch of players, so they know what to do once the light switch goes on. I'm very happy with the outcome today.”
 Michael Crowley - “Our hearts go out to all those who have been dealing with the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, we have been touched by this tragedy first-hand, as third base coach Ron Washington's home in New Orleans has been affected by the hurricane. Luckily, Ron's family safely evacuated the city. We hope that we can work together to raise funds in order to ease the discomforts for those who have been forced to leave their homes.”

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