My Favorite Quotes
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 Robert Crowther - “From our point of view, Intelligent Design is not a legal strategy, it's a scientific theory. It's a robust theory and we're getting more and more interest in it all the time.”
 Robert Crowther - “Surprisingly, Ohioans want to go further than their leaders with 75 favoring teaching intelligent design alongside of Darwinian evolution. Even after all the attacks on intelligent design by the dogmatic Darwin-only lobby, the public clearly wants to know more about the theory and make up their own minds.”
 Robert Crowther - “Ohioans want Darwin's theory of evolution fully and completely presented, including the theory's strengths and weaknesses. The public is solidly behind the approach to teaching evolution that the Ohio state board of education has already adopted. Those attacking the school board for supporting teaching both the evidence for and against evolution don't represent the views of the majority of Ohioans.”
 Robert Crowther - “It's too bad that they'll get attention for this sort of drivel when we have a robust scientific research program that the media doesn't seem to want to write much about.”