My Favorite Quotes
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 Tom Cruise - “Oh, no, no, don't get so frightening. No, you're a good big bad wolf.”
 Tom Cruise - “My mission impossible was to be here.”
 Tom Cruise - “He's a sensational filmmaker. I wanted a J.J. Abrams Mission Impossible.”
 Tom Cruise - “Personally I don't have all of the information President Bush has, but I believe Saddam has committed many crimes against humanity and in his own people,”
 Tom Cruise - “I want a world without war, a world without insanity. I want to see people do well. I don't even think it's as much as what I want for myself. It's more what I want for the people around me. That's what I want.”
 Tom Cruise - “I didn't become an actor to have power, but it just happens that I have it and so I have a lot of opportunities.”
 Tom Cruise - “I always look for a challenge and something that's different.”
 Tom Cruise - “I love kids. I was a kid myself, once.”
 Tom Cruise - “I've gotten very good at scheduling my life, scheduling the scene and preparing myself for knowing, saving the energy, consuming the energy, knowing when to go for it and having the available reserves to be able to do that. You have to think about that, because it's endurance.”
 Tom Cruise - “I love what I do. I take great pride in what I do. And I can't do something halfway, three-quarters, nine-tenths. If I'm going to do something, I go all the way.”
 Tom Cruise - “I've learned to relax more. Everybody feels pressure in what they do, maybe mine is just a little different because there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish what I want to.”
 Tom Cruise - “Saddam has committed many crimes against humanity and against his own people.”
 Tom Cruise - “Nothing ends nicely, that's why it ends.”
 Tom Cruise - “Talk is over-rated as a means of settling disputes.”
 Tom Cruise - “Have you ever gotten the feeling that you aren't completely embarassed yet, but you glimpse tomorrow's embarrassment”
 Tom Cruise - “You don't know anything about the history of journalism, psychology, or my life ... You can't handle the truth”
 Tom Cruise - “Of course I believe in aliens. Are you so arrogant as to believe we are alone in this universe”
 Tom Cruise - “Today, people can say anything they want. Suddenly it gets in the rumor mill and then it evolves and then somehow it becomes fact and you say, What is this You know, why don't you ask me”
 Tom Cruise - “I've never done work for money ever. If your choices are based on grosses and the film doesn't do well, what does that mean It leaves you with nothing.”
 Tom Cruise - “The exciting part of acting, I don't know how else to explain it, are those moments when you surprise yourself.”
 Tom Cruise - “Don't miss out on your Minority Report. Buy it now on DVD and video.”
 Tom Cruise - “On film Vanilla Sky You're going to get the full experience of what love is.”
 Tom Cruise - “I take no pleasure in having to be here today, but it is the last recourse to counter the vicious lies that have been printed about me and my family,”
 Tom Cruise - “As a kid when I was growing up, I remember vividly being on the roof of my family's station wagon, and across the street was the Sahara Desert. I always wanted to see other places and learn about how other people lived. I began to travel and saw different cultures even within America.”
 Tom Cruise - “I've never made a film that I didn't believe in, you know However the picture turns out, I've always given everything to it. That's kind of how I approach life. I can't help it. There's no part-way with me on anything in any area of my life.”

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