My Favorite Quotes
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 Ed Crum - “Our pitching has been good, and that was one of our question mark this year. This team will go as far as our pitchers will take us, because the offense is there.”
 Clark Crum - “We thought we'd be playing (fourth-seeded Westerville South), but Davidson has been starting to come on as of late. The fact that they're not a seeded team doesn't mean anything. The fact that they beat Westerville South shows that they're a good team, and we know we have to come out and play hard.”
 Gary Crum - “Fortunately, as the weather turns colder, the threat for infection from mosquitoes will subside. Mosquito activity lessens greatly after the first hard frost.”
 Ed Crum - “That was a good pitching performance from Holly. They got people on base and got the big hits to drive their people in, and we didn't. We've got to get it turned around for tomorrow.”
 Ed Crum - “The bottom of our order came in big at the end of the game.”
 Mike Crum - “The park is pretty known statewide. But we're trying to help them, now, make it nationally know.”
 Pete Crum - “This is a policy violation. It is not a legal violation.”
 Ed Crum - “It's important to play well here because those who normally do well here do well later in the season.”
 Pete Crum - “The department takes these sorts of complaints very seriously, as can be seen in this case, where the chief initiated this internal investigation. A thorough investigation has been completed, and we are in the process of imposing discipline.”
 Gary Crum - “Last year, we had a concern about people in nursing homes who were at high risk and decided to allocate some of our vaccine to them, ... This year, the nursing homes seem to be in very good shape.”
 Clark Crum - “I just thought it would be nice to get it out of the way. I knew I was ready to make my choice, and I wanted to focus on the season and my team.”
 Pete Crum - “There are two lessons to learn Don't let your children play with guns. Always treat a gun as though it's loaded.”
 Clark Crum - “Anytime you lose it's hard, especially when you're up by that much. It takes less than a second to hit a basketball and you've got four minutes left so we really we're up by much. They played well.”
 Gary Crum - “As cooler weather enters our region, we should not assume that the closing of pools means that we will stop seeing cases of crypto.”
 Gary Crum - “As cooler weather enters our region, we should not assume that the closing of pools means that we will stop seeing cases of crypto,”
 Pete Crum - “He did have a felony warrant for parole violation. One of the original charges was auto theft. We also recovered a large bottle of alcohol, and we will be pursuing an investigation into whether or not he was drinking as well.”
 Pete Crum - “It's one thing to deny and not want to believe it. It's another thing to take action and interfere and assist that person. The point for parents to get involved is when they're young and when it's minor offenses.”