My Favorite Quotes
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 Alexander Crummell - “Error moves with quick feet and truth must never be lagging behind.”
 Alexander Crummell - “We read the future by the past.”
 Alexander Crummell - “We should let our godliness exhale like th odor of flowers. We should live for the good of our kind, and strive for the salvation of the world.”
 Alexander Crummell - “Labor is the fruit of civilization, not the basis of it.”
 Alexander Crummell - “It is a sad reflection . . . that a sense of responsibility which comes with power is the rarest of things.”
 Alexander Crummell - “Those too impressed with material things cannot hold their place n the world of culture they are relegated to inferiority and ultimate death.”
 Alexander Crummell - “It is only by closing the ears of the soul, or by listening too intently to the clamors of the sense, that we become oblivious of their utterances.”
 Alexander Crummell - “Strive to make something of yourself then strive to make the most of yourself.”
 Alexander Crummell - “Let our posterity know that we their ancestors, uncultured and unlearned, amid all trials and temptations, were men of integrity.”
 Alexander Crummell - “Color is nothing, anywhere. Civilized condition differences men, all over the globe.”
 Alexander Crummell - “The greatness of peoples springs from their ability to grasp the grand conceptions of being. It is the absorption of a people, of a nation, of a rare, in large majestic and abiding things which lifts them up to the skies.”