My Favorite Quotes
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 Russ Crupnick - “What's been a challenge for the industry is people swapping CDs and ripping and burning copies of them. It's a big piece of how people are acquiring music.”
 Russ Crupnick - “In order for legal digital music to really work it's got to be sustained growth throughout the year and not just a seasonal phenomenon.”
 Russ Crupnick - “If this trend continues throughout the remainder of the fourth quarter 2005 and into next year, it would signify a solid victory in the music industry's efforts against illegal music file sharing in the U.S..”
 Russ Crupnick - “Consumers are clearly making the most of all the choices they have to discover and purchase music, and physical product is still a very large part of the equation. For example, among teens, sales of CDs are up five percent in 2005, illustrating a halo effect from digital music, interaction with video games and other venues for new music discovery.”
 Russ Crupnick - “And they're buying twice as much country as classic rock.”
 Russ Crupnick - “Older adults have the interest and the disposable income, so the industry can't afford to take them for granted. To spur greater sales among this audience, it's important to make them aware of available music that might interest them, so they shop for music more often.”