My Favorite Quotes
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 Liz Cruso - “I really want to pursue the sport. I have set my goals to eventually play for Westerly High and move on from there.”
 Liz Cruso - “It was just an unforgettable and great experience. I made a lot of new friends and we all exchanged e-mail addresses.”
 Liz Cruso - “It's just confidence, a positive attitude and practice.”
 Thalassa Cruso - “I have always found thick woods a little intimidating, for they are so secret and enclosed. You may seem alone but you are not, for there are always eyes watching you. All the wildlife of the woods, the insects, birds, and animals, are well aware of your presence no matter how softly you may tread, and they follow your every move although you cannot see them.”
 Thalassa Cruso - “For many people the scent of certain plants can revive memories with a vividness that nothing else can equal, for the sense of smell can be extraordinarily evocative, bringing back pictures as sharp as photographs of scenes that and left the conscious mind.”
 Thalassa Cruso - “Scents bring memories, and many memories bring nostalgic pleasure. We would be wise to plan for this when we plant a garden.”
 Thalassa Cruso - “Today I am sure no one needs to be told that the more birds a yard can support, the fewer insects there will be to trouble the gardener the following year.”