My Favorite Quotes
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 David Crystal - “It hasn't been a problem with Ben, I think we worked together very well, we don't have rows.”
 Billy Crystal - “People thought this would be an award show -- but we couldn't get anybody to open up the envelopes. I've been backstage at a lot of rock concerts, and I've never seen musicians run away from white powder before”
 David Crystal - “At the same time we overlap, because, I do linguistics, and Ben did a first degree in Linguistics at Lancaster University, so he knows some of my subject.”
 Billy Crystal - “I would even walk so it wouldn't look like we're together. Here I can hold his hand.”
 Billy Crystal - “Change is such hard work”
 Billy Crystal - “I've seen worse. . . . It just so happens that your friend here is mostly dead. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead.”
 Billy Crystal - “I think I've far exceeded what I ever thought I could possibly do. I'm almost shocked that I'm still around after all of these years . . . and always grateful that I get another turn to do something.”
 David Crystal - “It took three years to put Shakespeare's words together, there were a lot of words to be studied and a lot of words to be sorted out, and it proved to be a major project.”
 David Crystal - “As I get older and I get a few more years experience I become more like Dad, you know, King Lear.”
 Billy Crystal - “At night, I'll notice a thigh will just start aching. And this arm, and this...”
 David Crystal - “This is not the death of the cockney accent, it is a reincarnation.”
 Billy Crystal - “To be good, you need to believe in what you're doing.”
 Billy Crystal - “That's the thing about jazz it's free flowing, it comes from your soul.”
 Billy Crystal - “Nobody is more truthful when he's acting than De Niro.”
 Billy Crystal - “Bambi, to a kid, was scary.”
 Billy Crystal - “From the first time I saw Sid Caesar be funny I knew that's what I had to do.”
 Billy Crystal - “Gentlemen, start your egos.”
 Billy Crystal - “Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place.”
 Billy Crystal - “Well, the way things are going, aside from wheat and auto parts, America's biggest export is now the Oscar.”
 Billy Crystal - “Oh, I can't do it right now I'm busy, I'm busy, too.”
 Billy Crystal - “Even when I was in school shows, in elementary school doing plays, I'd always go off book and start improvising.”
 Billy Crystal - “I'm comfortable being old... being black... being Jewish.”
 Billy Crystal - “My granddaughter's birth has made me want to create things she will love.”
 Billy Crystal - “My granddaughter's birth has made me want to create things she will love,”
 Billy Crystal - “I had a dream that Connie Chung is doing a newscast about my death and they show a clip from Soap.”

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