My Favorite Quotes
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 Csaba Csere - “There is definitely more interest in fuel-efficient cars like hybrids. When the price of gas is high, everyone is interested.”
 Csaba Csere - “It's time for a turnaround, and Ford's history has been a roller coaster, up and down.”
 Csaba Csere - “It's very exciting, very intense. You have to be tuned in to every vibration, every sound, because if things go wrong, they go wrong fast.”
 Csaba Csere - “Engines were calibrated so if you gave up one second of 0-to-60-performance and gained a half-mile-per-gallon in fuel economy, you would make that trade-off every day. Cars were just awful.”
 Csaba Csere - “Concept cars are used to introduce a new body style and, on top of that, the manufactures throw in all kinds of features. Often, those ideas are not ready for production. It usually takes three years from design to production.”