My Favorite Quotes
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 Eddy Cue - “We have all labels except for Sony and we are working with them and we know their artists would like to be a part of this launch - and we hope they will join us soon.”
 Frank McCue - “You want to try and have them peak at this time of year rather than in mid-December. We focus on trying to finish as strong as possible. If you can do that, you're in good shape.”
 Eddy Cue - “So the fact that we've already done two times that in the first four days is something that we are very, very pleased with.”
 Frank McCue - “I was hoping for a few more. But there's not much you can do about that now. Our section has been one of the tougher sections in the south over the last four or five years. You need to have a good tournament, and those five did. That's why they're moving on. Now they have to go and put another good tournament together this weekend.”
 Eddy Cue - “We're thrilled to be the first digital music store to offer the songs from Dave Matthews Band for individual purchase.”
 Eddy Cue - “This is an incredible offering for fans of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. We've put together a package that's unrivaled in the music industry for launching a new album, exclusive videos and a concert tour.”
 Eddy Cue - “Our view is that our biggest competitor is illegal music and P2P services. We always thought that if we offered a better alternative, then those customers would be happy to pay,”
 Eddy Cue - “We've had the No. 1 digital music player in Japan. And now we can say we have the No. 1 online music store in Japan.”
 Eddy Cue - “We've worked closely with Motorola to deliver the world's best music experience on a mobile phone. We're also thrilled to be working with some of the largest wireless carriers in the world to bring this pioneering phone to market.”
 Eddy Cue - “In all of our launches, we start off with a certain number of labels and then we aggressively move to expand that and we will certainly continue to do that in Japan. Obviously we are hoping Sony joins the music store soon.”
 Eddy Cue - “We've gained a lot of credibility in the industry in the past 2 12 years with what we did with songs. And that's what we're trying to mirror in the video space.”
 Eddy Cue - “We've known that about (400,000 to 500,000 songs) per month is what all the other online music stores in Japan have been doing. The majority of that being Mora,”
 Eddy Cue - “If we give customers a better alternative they will pay, and certainly that has been the case in places like the US and UK.”
 Eddy Cue - “We are about 5 per cent of the music market in the US but there is no doubt in my mind that digital music is the future,”
 Eddy Cue - “It's a combination of the two organizations it's very much a collaborative effort. The more content we have, the more we learn about what listeners want.”
 Eddy Cue - “People definitely want to relive these great moments and keep them and watch them over again. What matters is having the right content at the right price.”
 Eddy Cue - “It's a combination of the two organizations it's very much a collaborative effort. The more content we have, the more we learn about what listeners want.”
 Eddy Cue - “I think this is the best launch in terms of content of all the countries we've done,”
 Eddy Cue - “Competition is important and there are formable opponents out there, but that can't run your long-term plan.”
 Eddy Cue - “Sports is a good genre for this. Sports have time lines that are pretty well-defined, and people care about them.”
 Frank McCue - “They all have their hands full this week, but if they put together a good tournament anything can happen. I think we have a good opportunity to move several through. It's going to be tough, but we have some guys that are definitely capable.”
 Eddy Cue - “It is certainly our belief that digital music buying is the future of music purchasing. Certainly our customers love it, and you can see it in the younger generation. They buy a lot of music now, and they buy it all online. That is what they know music as. They certainly do not know music as a record or as a CD--they know it as digital bandwidth,”