My Favorite Quotes
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 Jose Cuevas - “Clients are worried about insurance. One said, 'They only want rich folks. They don't want to go, but they have to.”
 Jose Cuevas - “(She was arrested) while a guest at that hotel and people thought that was overstepping our bounds. The other side is she was (allegedly) in the bar taking off her shirt. ... We arrested her and she said she was looking for sex.”
 Elena Cuevas - “This is the first time that it is nationwide and you can see it. People are asking for some respect.”
 Elena Cuevas - “If people don't say what they believe in, then we will always be like this. There will not be any changes. People don't do anything and that is why they are being stepped on. That is why these laws are being passed that are without justice to people.”
 Elena Cuevas - “We are doing it in a very peaceful manner so there is not any type of disturbance. I think the time is right for people to do something and they are doing it now.”
 Cesar Cuevas - “Not if we continue to play as well as we have and people keep stepping up defensively. It can be anybody on our team who has a big night offensively. Anybody can take the big shot.”
 Cesar Cuevas - “It's weird that those teams aren't here. I didn't think it would end up like this. It looks like things are changing around here. Anything can happen on a given night.”
 Jose Cuevas - “I think it's probably too early to tell because we just now received enough manpower to make a difference, I think it will (be successful) down the road.”
 Cesar Cuevas - “We can be great. We just have to keep playing defense like we do and working hard.”
 Elena Cuevas - “If I had only 50 people, that would have been good. Obviously, having 250 people is great. It is only human to try and search for a better life for your children.”
 Elena Cuevas - “One of the main things in this is to ask for an immigration reform that is civil and human. One that would not separate mothers from their children, and would not focus on imprisoning those that wouldn't even kill a fly.”
 Elena Cuevas - “It could be 50, it could be 300. The only reason we are thinking there may be less is that, illegal immigrants are afraid because there have been rumors of immigration officials being in the area.”