My Favorite Quotes
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 Sasa Cuic - “We haven't lost a lot of games here. When we do, it's a shock. It feels weird, but the only thing we can do is go on the road and get one back.”
 Sasa Cuic - “To have Brett come in and give us controlled tempo and not turn the ball over, that's good. A new guy like that to step into the role of point guard, that means a lot. He needs to keep that up the rest of the season.”
 Sasa Cuic - “It wasn't what we wanted. Even with that, we had a decent (second) shot. But those are hard shots. Marcel had a good look. That was as good of a look as you can get, but we didn't get the roll.”
 Sasa Cuic - “It doesn't help. But we've learned this year there's a lot of things we have to go against. Maybe this will be a good thing for us and get us more together as a team.”
 Sasa Cuic - “I feel very good about it. The guys we have coming in are fresh, they're energetic, they want to prove themselves, and in the right system, they're going to flourish.”
 Sasa Cuic - “I have no problem in that role. As long as we are winning, I'm more than happy to come off the bench. It's easier. The first two or three minutes you can focus on what's gong on, and is easier to get your head into the game.”
 Sasa Cuic - “If I said in the beginning I'm happy I'm coming off the bench, that would be a lie. I thought it might be last year all over again, but it wasn't because it was different. I was more prepared.”
 Sasa Cuic - “I just know what to expect now. The biggest thing is I know my role and what I can do when I get in the game. I know where I am compared to the other big men in the Pac-10. Last year I didn't because it was the first time I played them. Now I know the teams' tendencies and the scouting reports.”
 Sasa Cuic - “We're on the right track. We'll be good. This was a good effort. The best effort we had in a long time. We have to get back on Monday and get ready for the next two games.”
 Sasa Cuic - “As a team, I think we just needed to get some time to learn about each other.”
 Sasa Cuic - “Nobody likes to lose once, twice, three times in a row, especially at home. I think we're on the right track. This was a good effort.”
 Sasa Cuic - “We started rushing. That's a problem we have when things start going wrong on the defensive end. It affects our offense and that leads to fast-break points.”
 Sasa Cuic - “People have asked me that, and I don't know where this rumor is coming from. I pride myself on not talking about that stuff during the season. I try to be as professional about it. The coaching staff and I know all there is to know about that question. I didn't start those rumors, and that's all they are rumors.”
 Sasa Cuic - “We are pissed. People are upset and people are mad, which is normal. But we know all we can do is fight through it. I can only promise we won't give up. We'll come out and try every time. That's our job. That's all we can do.”
 Sasa Cuic - “We knew they were going to make a run we knew it. Their run ended and we look up and they were only up by a few points. And that was all they got. And then we came out and played better.”
 Sasa Cuic - “They don't force as many turnovers. We had 11 turnovers. For us, that's great. If it's like that every game, we're good. They play a controlled game, and that suits us a lot better.”
 Sasa Cuic - “I don't know (what happened). I wouldn't say it was a lack of effort or we relaxed after the Arizona game. The practices we had after the Arizona game, we were focused. We all knew what we wanted. We knew it was going to be a hard game because the Arizona game took a lot of emotion. We were all ready to play, but we just couldn't get out there.”
 Sasa Cuic - “There's not much we can do. The effort is there. We are trying. Stuff is not going our way right now. We have to believe that, in the near future, things are going to start clicking because we know we can do it. That's all we can do. There are no need for meetings or deep soul searching. It gets old so fast. This team has the talent, but we can't seem to get it all together for one game.”
 Sasa Cuic - “I see the crowd going crazy so I figured it went in. I said, 'All right, we'll take it.' Those two points were big.”
 Sasa Cuic - “They are a good defensive team. It was hard, but you always find cracks in the defense. But with the crowd behind you it's a lot easier.”
 Sasa Cuic - “We really didn't think about the final standings. We knew we were going in as one of the bottom four teams. Honestly, we just wanted to get a win for our fans. Beating Oregon was on our minds. That gives us a lot confidence for the next game. It especially feels great for the fans and the seniors. There was no better way to go out.”
 Sasa Cuic - “We didn't deserve to win. That's how basketball is. If we fought hard those final shots would drop. If we merited to win, those final shots would drop. But they played a better game.”
 Sasa Cuic - “UCLA plays with a winning mentality. They know how to win games. They have that attitude, an arrogance, to come up with wins like this one.”
 Sasa Cuic - “From the beginning they scored the first basket and we were always catching up. And it's hard to play when you are down. The last two games we had the lead. I guess we play better when we are ahead early.”