My Favorite Quotes
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 Wendy Cukier - “The thing that I'm the most interested in ... are the demographics shifts and the differences between the sort of 15- to 24-year-olds who are going to be the workers of tomorrow and the boomers.”
 Wendy Cukier - “We need stricter border controls - only 3 percent of cars crossing the border are even checked. We need support for our law enforcement to do undercover work to catch gun thieves and smugglers, and we need to pressure the US to take responsibility for its guns.”
 Wendy Cukier - “It has taken more than 10 years and an enormous amount of time, money and emotional energy, but we know that the fight is by no means over. We can only hope this sends a message to the provinces to stop spending taxpayers' money to fight gun owners' battles.”
 Wendy Cukier - “I'm optimistic, but we're paying the price for decisions that were made 10 years ago. We're not necessarily going to reap the benefits of intervention now by next year.”
 Wendy Cukier - “It would be like a shooting outside Macy's. It was so public, most of the victims were bystanders and that of course makes people much more fearful than with other forms of crime. It's not to minimize the importance, but it's not that common.”
 Wendy Cukier - “Our biggest fear is because of the power of the gun lobby in Canada, we are going to see gun control dismantled.”
 Wendy Cukier - “In general we have to be very attentive to the fact that hunting rifles and shotguns in the wrong hands are as lethal or more lethal than the handguns that seem to be attracting all of the attention lately.”