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 Matt Cullen - “We feel like we belong at this point. It's nice to here, but we have to win games to stay.”
 Matt Cullen - “They're a great team that can play some really good hockey. These are going to be two very big games for us.”
 Matt Cullen - “If you would have told us at the beginning of the season that if we win our last two games, we'd have the conference championship, a lot of people would have laughed. We're happy, we're in a good position.”
 Matt Cullen - “They capitalize on opportunities as good as anyone in the league. You can't give them any space, and if you do, you're going to pay.”
 Matt Cullen - “I had a lot to prove to myself, ... I felt like I had a lot more to give.”
 Brian Cullen - “We try to be the best. Leonard is doing that on his own and setting a good example for students and teachers.”
 Lisa Cullen - “It's really no surprise to see a sell-off. It's really hard to figure out where the market's head is at.”
 Countee Cullen - “The key to all strange things is in thy heart.... My spirit has come home, that sailed the doubtful seas.”
 Matt Cullen - “It's where you want to be. And I don't think we've played our best hockey yet.”
 Kelly Cullen - “We are excited that the DVD launch is happening, and there's a lot of great Cinderella merchandise that's going to be on wish lists this holiday.”
 Lisa Cullen - “If you're going to buy now, you might not look three weeks down the road and hope that your money's doubled or tripled like it has in the past,”
 Bill Cullen - “If the released information is incorrect, the school district might not have immunity, and taxpayers could be subject to a lawsuit.”
 Bruno Cullen - “Most of the players we're talking to now, we're talking to freely with the knowledge that Shane could stay or go.”
 Countee Cullen - “I have a rendezvous with life.”
 Paul Cullen - “In a very simple sense I want everything that's in a work to be there for the reason that it's needed. It's not an ornamentation. It's not there because I thought it looked nice but because it has to be there.”
 Matt Kilcullen - “I thought the key to the game was when they got that offensive rebound. That pushed them to double figures. You give them momentum, you give them confidence.”
 Mark Cullen - “Household income should be thought of as the canary in the mineshaft its decline relative to the U.S. cannot be ignored.”
 Frank Cullen - “is going through a difficult time.”
 Robert Cullen - “I know we may not be as skilled as some teams, but these kids play hard all the time,”
 Matt Cullen - “It's a seven-game series and the best team is going to win it. They were better this time, and it was probably good for us. We have leadership and we have experience and we can, and will, bounce back.”
 Matt Cullen - “We're going to work hard. The good part is when we do play well, we win most of the time. We're not a bad team or anything, we just played a bad game.”
 Robert Cullen - “But it's going to be harder for us too. I know we're going to have a bright red X on our backs come sectional time,”
 Christine Cullen - “There's a coldness to it that I don't think would touch people, ... There are only so many times people can reach in their pockets. I think people just don't have it, and they get tired of being asked.”
 Tom Cullen - “We just hit the ball poorly today. This is going to be a tough conference this season, and you can't expect to win games when you hit like we did.”
 Bruno Cullen - “We should know now, today, what we can spend.”

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