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 Robert McCullum - “I think as a head coach, it's your responsibility to protect your players.”
 Robert McCullum - “I just think, if it was important at all, the timing was important. We're obviously in the heart of recruiting, it never stops.”
 Robert McCullum - “We're determined to turn this thing around. If we could get one of these wins but if we don't hurry up and get one, there won't be one after that to get. That's kind of where we are.”
 Robert McCullum - “It hurt us. It depleted our depth we couldn't sub to keep guys fresh.”
 Jamie Cullum - “See, in the rock bands and stuff I was in, I'd always been a fairly animated performer, but when I played jazz, I wasn't sure whether I was allowed to do that, you know”
 Robert McCullum - “I thought this was clearly our best effort of the season. But I don't think I have ever been associated with a team that shot 61 percent from the floor and lost.”
 Robert McCullum - “I thought the last 3 or 4 minutes there in the first half is when things kind of got away. We had four or five consecutive possessions where we didn't execute well.”
 Robert McCullum - “I thought they (the traveling violations) were legitimate calls. It's extremely disappointing not to be able to get a shot at the end. That is the last thing we wanted to happen. The last two traveling violations hurt because we work on that stuff everyday in practice, and our players practice footwork coming off screens and getting the ball in that situation.”
 Robert McCullum - “I thought they were one of the more physical teams we've faced all year.”
 Robert McCullum - “I couldn't be prouder of the effort. They did everything we asked them to do to give ourselves a chance to win against an outstanding, experienced team - which in the end, I thought was the difference in the game.”
 Robert McCullum - “Part of me is furious. As you can expect, I'm extremely disappointed. I thought we had more opportunities to win than any of the other Big East games, but we didn't capitalize.”
 Robert McCullum - “I couldn't be prouder of the effort. The guys did everything that we asked them to do - things that we needed to do to position ourselves to have a chance to win against just an outstanding team - an experienced team, which I thought in the end was the difference in the game.”
 Robert McCullum - “I thought it was a game that was tailor made for his talents. He's very athletic and you get the ball 10 to 15 feet away from the basket, and he's good at finishing plays.”
 Robert McCullum - “When I first heard it, I laughed at it. I thought it was a joke. I never believed it. I never believed one time I wasn't going to be back.”
 Robert McCullum - “I don't know that you can get any closer without getting one. We feel like when we absolutely have to have a defensive stop or a basket at that pivotal time we haven't been able to do it.”
 Robert McCullum - “It's certainly a game, a performance, an effort that we can build on. We can only keep it close so many times. It's going to get to the point where you've got to win some of those.”
 Robert McCullum - “Tonight it was a combination of things. When it was all said and done, we were affected by foul trouble. In the last four minutes of the game their seniors Kelly Whitney and Copeland stepped up and made plays.”
 Jamie Cullum - “I get into plenty of trouble. It just doesn't seem to get picked up by the papers.”
 Robert McCullum - “The fact that we've been so close and our guys can taste victory, that's what has kept us going. If those were 15 or 20-point losses, we'd be struggling to keep it together.”
 Robert McCullum - “We didn't go in the locker room and jump for joy. Every time we line up and play, we're going to be the underdog and people are going to take us lightly. ... We're going to surprise some people who think it'll be a walk in the park. We can line up and play with anybody on our schedule. I really believe that.”
 Robert McCullum - “I think that's an example that they were the more physical team. They have a lot of options and a lot of weapons offensively.”
 Robert McCullum - “We're still winless in conference play but we've played a number of games that could have gone either way. I feel our fortunes are going to change.”
 Robert McCullum - “If that was an issue, I hope we learned our lesson with St. John's. Every night out in this league you have to come to play.”
 Robert McCullum - “It's not like we are trying to walk the ball up, or trying to milk the clock. We were not trying to miss shots no more than they were trying to miss shots. We don't purposely make the game ugly. I think each team has to find the way that gives them the best chance to be successful.”
 Jamie Cullum - “I'd like to make music for a long time, and all different types of music. Maybe I'll start my own label to get other artists off the ground.”

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