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 Robert McCullum - “Howard was the one we expected so much from. In a controlled scrimmage against Florida State, (FSU) coach Leonard Hamilton predicted he would make the All-Big East freshman team. Two days later Howard was lost for the season.”
 Robert McCullum - “We are deeply saddened by the loss of Bradley and it is an extremely difficult time for us as a team. There are no words to express our feelings and Bradley's impact on this team. Our prayers go out to his family and loved ones.”
 Robert McCullum - “I don't know how, but I just know we'll be ready to play Saturday.”
 Jamie Cullum - “I'm going for sound really, and my fingers just go places. It's very, very strange, especially when something really good is happening, and you look down and think, 'Where is this coming from' It's a magical feeling.”
 Robert McCullum - “When you look at the big picture, I have no fault with the way we played defensively. Our problems lay offensively. It's a combination of things. Bottom line is We got what we got.”
 Robert McCullum - “(Jones) has probably had the best fall. He hasn't missed a sprint. He's been as close to perfection as a player can be in the conditioning program.”
 Robert McCullum - “Losing Solomon for the last four minutes of the game was huge for us. We are not very deep so we don not have the luxury of having one or two of our better players getting in foul trouble.”
 Robert McCullum - “They have a lot of size across the board and are very deep. We're all aware of DePaul's record and all the teams just above us, but we won't approach this any differently.”
 Robert McCullum - “I never believed (the rumors), I never thought one time I wasn't going to be back. It wasn't a revelation to me. Other than that, it was their decision to release that statement.”
 Robert McCullum - “You could not have asked for a better start, but our missed opportunities on transition we couldn't convert, that was the killer.”
 Robert McCullum - “James got some good looks that he just didn't knock down, as did Buckley. James has been pretty consistent, but the reality is when he and Melvin go 2 for 21 and Solomon (Jones) only gets four offensive rebounds, this is going to be the outcome.”
 Robert McCullum - “He does a very good job of finishing, and he's become a fan favorite. He's capable of making explosive athletic plays, and he's really responding in the way he's scoring and rebounding. We're really pleased with his progress.”
 Robert McCullum - “In addition to being talented, they're experienced. They never lost their poise against Seton Hall, never panicked, their body language never changed. It was like they knew it was only a matter of time before they would win.”
 Robert McCullum - “Players on the all-league team usually have the benefit of playing on wining teams, and Solomon has not had the advantage of playing for a winning team.”
 Robert McCullum - “As strange as it may sound, we've played our best basketball against the upper-echelon teams. Others may not believe, but I wouldn't be surprised if we come out and are ready to play.”
 Robert McCullum - “UAB will play with a level of intensity that will match if not surpass anybody we'll play against all year. We certainly have our work cut out for us Friday night, so we're not going to look ahead any farther than that.”
 Robert McCullum - “I thought it was a joke. I still think it's a joke. Anything that's not coming from the administration, there's no need to give any credence to it.”
 Robert McCullum - “I really did the best I could to try to ignore it. When I first heard it, I literally laughed at it. I thought it was a joke. I still think it's a joke. Anything that's not coming from the administration, I don't think there's any need to give any credence to it.”
 Robert McCullum - “We'll put different guys on him, but you're not going to shut him down. You try to contain him. He has the ability to make difficult shots. You can do a great job on him and he'll still knock down a shot.”
 Robert McCullum - “A lot of our offense (was run through Holmes). He came out aggressive, he wanted the basketball. You need guys with the willingness and the ability to put their team on their shoulders for a while, and he did that.”
 Jamie Cullum - “I'm way down the scale in terms of technical ability, ... But my emotional connection is very apparent. A lot of jazz is very internalized, and sometimes it's more about the passion you put into it. It's a really subjective thing.”

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