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 Lawrence Scully - “Overall, our pitching has kept us in games, and that's why we're kind of hovering at that .500 mark. We want to get over that hump. Our starting pitching did a good job and we ran the bases really well. ... We're not only more aggressive, but we're more confident.”
 Bob Scully - “I thought that getting into finance would be a good way to explore many industries.”
 Vin Scully - “It's a great time of the year, ... if you can stand it.”
 John Scully - “There are times before the races when you see him out there walking the track, checking out what kind of condition it is in. The thing I like the most about Gary is he always knows where he is out on the track at all times. He's smart, and he always gives an honest effort.”
 Mike Cully - “Just nine months ago we were living in this three-bedroom converted house, and look at us today.”
 Kevin Scully - “It feels like something's missing. It feels like he's still going to be here tomorrow.”
 Vin Scully - “I would think that right now the mound at Dodger Stadium is the lonliest place in the world.”
 Bob Scully - “I decided that this was what I wanted to do and worked at Salomon Brothers for eight or nine years, then Morgan Stanley for a decade.”
 John Scully - “Tokens are extremely portable, easy to use, and their life expectancy is more than seven years.”
 Lawrence Scully - “Not many people can do that at this level. He just pounds the strike zone.”
 Vin Scully - “There's 29.000 people in the ballpark, and a million butterflies.”
 Vin Scully - “A lot of people in the ballpark are now beginning to see the pitches with their heart.”
 Kevin Scully - “It will take a couple of weeks for people to properly assess the impact of the scandal in Japan. The key is how widespread is it.”
 Vin Scully - “I'm just delighted to extend my time with the only team I have ever covered. This is the only organization I have ever been with and I'm thrilled and excited with this announcement.”
 Vincent Scully - “In the face of implacable opposition from some of the most vocal critics in Britain, and at the grave and constant risk of personal unpopularity, you have courageously revived, defended and sustained the most humane principles of British and American architecture and town making,”
 Kevin Scully - “Singapore's problem has been that it has seen the number of days of stay for tourists falling and I think the key issue for us is now to try and extend it by half a day or even a day.”
 Kevin Scully - “I'll miss him always being there to talk to. He was one of the nicest, most caring, genuine people you'd ever know although he'd try to hide it.”
 Kevin Scully - “I'll miss him always being there to talk to. He was one of the nicest, most caring, genuine people you'd ever know although he'd try to hide it.”
 John Scully - “When I would go to the nationals, he would work my corner. He just had a way about him. He was very truthful. He would yell at you in a way that would make you want to fight. It was a gift.”
 Mike Cully - “When we moved here, walk-in traffic went from about 35 to 50 visitors a day to almost nothing, and people had to find alternative places to find their information. We see that coming back, of course.”
 John Scully - “The picture was laying on his stomach when he died.”
 Bob Scully - “As a young investment banker, you work on very complex merger situations or on some financing situation of company to create more value for shareholders.”
 John Scully - “I'd been to the Golden Gloves every year since 1983 until last year when I didn't bother going. The last few years it has been such a dry tournament with no interest. My first year in the Gloves there were 16 guys in my weight class. That hasn't happened in years. Last year my weight class had one guy. Some weight classes had nobody. When you go from 16 guys in weight classes to nobody, you have a problem.”
 Kevin Scully - “We want to make sure that we have checked every employee who might have any regular contact with children. So we are committed to finding all present employees that might have slipped through the cracks, and also screening all new employees.”
 Vin Scully - “It's a great time of the year... if you can stand it.”

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