My Favorite Quotes
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 Vin Scully - “As long as you live keep smiling because it brightens everybody's day.”
 Vin Scully - “You can almost taste the pressure now.”
 Vin Scully - “It's easier to pick off a fast runner than to pick off a lazy runner.”
 Vin Scully - “Losing feels worse than winning feels good.”
 Vin Scully - “I'm going to sit back, light up, and hope I don't chew the cigarette to pieces.”
 Vin Scully - “Statistics are used much like a drunk uses a lamppost for support, not illumination.”
 Bob Scully - “I liked finance a lot, working on some important problems in dealing with senior business people in finance, and I concluded that it made sense to get an MBA if I wanted to pursue this career.”
 John Scully - “It will probably be one of the biggest funerals in Hartford, but not all of it will have to do with boxing. It's because of the millions of things he did for people in Hartford. He helped people all over the city.”
 John Scully - “Boxing will be a huge legacy but a lot of people have Duke stories that have nothing to do with boxing.”
 Lawrence Scully - “One of the stereotypes I feel in society ... is that most black men are violent.”
 Vincent Scully - “I think the memorial will always be seen in that beautiful relationship to the two monuments. When you enter it, with the Lincoln Memorial at your back, you travel down into the depths, and this black wall looms over you. Then you turn, and there before you is this obelisk pointing to the sun. That relationship will never die. People will always feel something wonderful and uplifting about that.”
 Lawrence Scully - “If a scout came up to all of the baseball coaches in the conference and said, 'Here's 100 of the best kids in Missouri,' ... I would probably have to tear that sheet in half. Fifty of them right off the bat academically wouldn't be able to get in.”
 Vin Scully - “I really love baseball. The guys and the game, and I love the challenge of describing things. The only thing I hate - and I know you have to be realistic and pay the bills in this life - is the loneliness on the road.”
 Vin Scully - “Football is to baseball as blackjack is to bridge. One is the quick jolt. The other the deliberate, slow-paced game of skill, but never was a sport more ideally suited to television than baseball.”
 Vincent Scully - “The administration dug its heels in it wasn't going to change. President Levin was really marvelous to be able to change his mind like that in public. I am sure there were other administrators who didn't want him to do it.”
 John Scully - “It's a real boxing gym run by Freddie Roach. But a lot of actors go there. I know Cuba Gooding Jr. does, and Mario Lopez and Wesley Snipes. Matt is going to be in for a big surprise.”
 Vin Scully - “She may be the most energetic woman I've ever met. I just marvel at her optimism and her ability to get things done. She just can't be contained. She's bubbly beyond effervescent.”
 John Scully - “No great marketing decisions have ever been made on quantitative data.”
 Frank Scully - “Why not go out on a limb Isn't that where the fruit is”

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