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 Ryan Culp - “We said from the beginning of the season that there were several guys that would step up and give us good minutes and good production, but that it was going to be a process. I think they've come on and accomplished much of what we had in mind.”
 Chris Culp - “It's bigger and better than last year. We have more room. We have a grant from (the Oregon Hunters Association) for 1,700 to improve one of the ranges so we can put another line of air-rifle shooters on that.”
 John Culp - “Our lawyers are prepared to argue that we have the right to strike.”
 Robert Culp - “The role of the Colonel was not exactly written for me or the role that I wanted to play, but he was written like an imbecile or kind of foolish.”
 John Culp - “We don't like the position we're in. But we feel time is of the essence.”
 Ryan Culp - “I definitely think we'll be a different team playing them the second time around.”
 Scott Culp - “The responsible way to handle a security vulnerability report is to let the vendor know you believe you've found a potential vulnerability in their product so they can investigate it. That wasn't done in this case, and it's really unfortunate because the result has been that customers have been unnecessarily frightened about this issue because we were given a grand total of fewer than 12 hours between the initial report of the vulnerability and the time it went public. The goal at the end of the day is to protect customers, and responsible reporting practices suggest that the right way is to give the vendor a chance to do the investigation.”
 Robert Culp - “There is no sense in doing a wonderful script with somebody who can't direct because that is a disaster.”
 Ryan Culp - “It's always interesting. Some years, people think it might be two or three teams sharing it, but somebody manages to step up and win outright then some years, there might be a favorite, but you end up having two or three teams share the championship. It's a lot of fun to see how everybody plays.”
 Chris Culp - “I have every intention of revolutionizing the way people unload their pickup trucks. I want to sell a million of them. That's not so far fetched.”
 Ryan Culp - “It's an opportunity to go in and knock off the top team in the conference. Like always, (Plymouth's) players play their roles extremely well, and this year, even though two guys are taking most of the shots, all the rest of them can shoot, too. You have to be alert as defenders on everybody, because their shot selection is going to be excellent.”
 Scott Culp - “The Microsoft Internet Explorer security model allows a Web site to run any script or program that it trusts. The program exposes some fairly powerful functionality that allows a hostile Web site to glean information from a user's machine.”
 John Culp - “We were interested and committed to bridging this gap. ... But management was clearly not committed to the process.”
 John Culp - “If they're going to stop supporting the plan, then contractually they have to deal with us.”
 Chris Culp - “I've sold nine here, in Cedar City of all places.”
 John Culp - “It's not something we enjoy doing but we feel management has taken a turn for the worse in the last several years. We're in constant negotiations, but their demands are egregious.”
 John Culp - “The pilots are telling us they are extremely disappointed in Delta management and are tired of listening to management's demands.”
 John Culp - “The pilots are telling us they are extremely disappointed in Delta management and are tired of listening to managements demands.”
 John Culp - “If the deal's not ratified, we end up back in court. I don't have any inkling of which way the vote's going to go.”
 Ryan Culp - “I think the finish of that third quarter really sucked out some of the wind from us. It seemed like we were in control and then we had a couple of possessions toward the end which both led to turnovers. From that point on, the momentum swung their way and we lost control.”
 John Culp - “No airline in the modern era has resorted to contract rejection to get what they want and we will not willingly work without a contract. If they reject the contract, we'll keep all legal options open.”
 John Culp - “This is the closest vote I can remember. It was an uncharacteristically high turnout reflecting concern about the issue and the bankruptcy process.”
 Scott Culp - “The real problem is Netscape Communicator taking a powerful script and putting it out on your computer in a locale where any Web site can find it out and run it.”
 Steve Culp - “Some will be getting out by choice.”
 Scott Culp - “There is great customer interest in UPnP, especially as more UPnP-capable devices are becoming available. Folks who don't want UPnP can certainly turn off the service, but just applying the patch is sufficient to return it to safe operation.”

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