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 Daunte Culpepper - “You get frustrated when you don't win and when you're not successful. You have to keep battling. You don't give up. You don't start second guessing yourself.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “We have to welcome him and embrace him and hope that he understands the importance of him being successful and doing the right thing.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “Dr. (James) Andrews recommended a therapist in Orlando, and I've got a one-level house here, so I don't have three different flights (of stairs). There's also no ice on the ground, because if you slip, I'll be right back in surgery. It's better for my knee to be here.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “We're not trying to get just due. That's not our motive. We want to win the championship because we want to be champions as a team. It has nothing to do with individuality. Nobody on the team wants to be an individual. That's what I really like about our team now.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “I was involved with all the plays, ... The good thing about his injury was I took a lot of mental reps. So I'm prepared.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “It has been an extremely painful process both physically and emotionally since the injury on October 30th,”
 Daunte Culpepper - “It has been an extremely painful process both physically and emotionally since the injury on October 30th.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “Everybody can do what they want to do up there, but I felt like I went through the process. From the beginning, I said I was innocent and I'm glad (the judge) saw it that way after he saw all the evidence, and I'm moving forward.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “I never really thought it would happen. I wish he wasn't leaving. I really do. But it was out of my hands. Moss never was a negative, as far as football goes. He did his thing on the field. It was the off-the-field-stuff that was negative. But he never did anything crazy that would really hurt anybody. He would do little, small things.”
 Alan Culpepper - “I thought he was some guy who jumped onto the course.”
 Alan Culpepper - “When Brian went by me, I thought it was some guy who ran onto the course.”
 Alan Culpepper - “When Brian went by me, I thought he was some guy that jumped on the course.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “That's why you play 16 games. It was only a matter of time before we got out there and did what we're doing now.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “We just need to get away from football for a few days and realize what we've got here. The thing is, it's going to take some time. We've got a whole new team here when you think about it. We definitely didn't want to be 1-3, but we knew it was going to take some time.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “It's all about the next time we get the ball, what we've got to do.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “It's definitely tough when you're used to doing very well all the time. The thing is, we've got a totally different offense. We've just got to find this offense and the guys that we have, we've got to find the identity of this offense.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “Any time you lose, it feels bad whether it is by one point or by 20 points, ... You think about all the things that happened throughout the game. The turnovers, they are really sticking out in my head right now. Turnovers are going to happen, but we must minimize them. We must get back to the fundamentals. We have a veteran group of players on this team that has a lot of pride. We are embarrassed by the way we are playing. We put forth the effort, but we are just making too many mistakes. We need to fix these things and I am determined to fix them.”
 Alan Culpepper - “Yeah, it changes the dynamics of the race because he is such a big-time marathoner. And I definitely think it opens up a spot because someone of his caliber, even if he were coming in at 75 percent, would be a 210-type runner.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “That's hypocritical. We had those girls shipped in via Fed Ex. Next time, we're using UPS.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “We've got to get all 11 people on offense doing the right thing at the right time, ... If we've got 10 people doing it, it doesn't work. And we had that a few times.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “He said to me, jokingly and also seriously, that if he had done the surgery 100 times, he didn't think he could have done it any better. That's all I really needed to hear.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “The best way for us today was coach Tice calling them in. It worked for us and got us a good rhythm.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “Look at our first three drives today. We turned the ball over three times. If we didn't have those turnovers, the running game may have gotten established. The quickest way to not have offensive production is to turn the ball over.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “We tried a couple of things throughout the week. It ended up with Coach Tice doing it. Coach Loney was up in the booth, calling plays down. He is always bringing up good ideas and he is the (offensive coordinator). But the best way for us today was Coach Tice calling them in. It worked for us and got us in rhythm.”
 Daunte Culpepper - “I was confident when the legal process began that the truth would come out.”

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