My Favorite Quotes
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 Gayle Cuneo - “The students love the production beyond words. We rented a backdrop from Hollywood, and we borrowed some costumes from the high school. We've a grand project going here.”
 Dennis Cuneo - “We got on top of it. We knew we had to stay on top of it, or we could lose this leadership in quality that we have.”
 Bob Cuneo - “I'm having so much fun watching these guys have fun. What's incredible is they were bettering their times by a couple of seconds a run. That's how fast these guys were learning. And not only were they bettering their times, they were becoming more and more competitive. They are so into it.”
 Dennis Cuneo - “When you combine the university and all that means with the heavy manufacturing, you've got a good combination.”
 Bob Cuneo - “Vibration uses energy. So you have to find ways to control vibration.”
 Bob Cuneo - “We're trying to bring more awareness to our sport to the rest of the auto racing community. These guys are going to go back and tell a story about how awesome this sport is and how much fun they had. And hopefully, that's going to help our cause because we need something or we'll have to give up.”